Jeep WK2 Grand Cherokee Transfer Cases and 4WD Systems

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4WD programs that go wherever

The 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee presents three 4×4 programs – Quadra-Trac I®, Quadra-Trac II® and Quadra-Drive® II with Electronic Limited-Slip Differential (ELSD).

Quadra-Trac I delivers full-time four-wheel drive with none switches or levers to tug. The system supplies easy operation over a wide range of street situations. This lightweight single-speed case is each confirmed and extremely environment friendly for enhanced gasoline economic system.

Quadra-Trac II®s two-speed switch case makes use of enter from a wide range of sensors with a purpose to decide tire slip on the earliest potential second and take corrective motion. The system makes use of Throttle Anticipate to sense fast motion within the throttle from a cease and maximizes traction earlier than slippage happens. When tire slippage is detected, as a lot as 100% of accessible torque is immediately routed to the axle with probably the most traction.

Quadra-Drive II, with a rear Electronic Limited-Slip Differential (ELSD), delivers industry-leading tractive functionality. The system immediately detects tire slip and easily distributes engine torque to the tire(s) with traction. In some instances, the automobile will anticipate low traction and alter with a purpose to proactively restrict or eradicate slip.

Quadra-Trac I  (MP2010 single-speed case)

(Standard on Laredo 4×4 fashions)

The ITC (Integrated Transfer Case, MP2010) is a single-speed switch case and it’s utilized in Grand Cherokee’s new Quadra-Trac I Full-Time 4-Wheel Drive System. It supplies handy full-time 4-wheel drive. The switch case operates with an open middle differential dividing engine torque 50 p.c torque to the entrance axle and 50 of torque to the rear axle. The Brake Traction Control System, which mixes commonplace ABS and Traction Control, supplies resistance to any wheel that’s slipping to permit extra torque switch to wheels with traction. The MP2010 single-speed switch case supplies the next advantages:


  • No shift lever or driver interplay required.
  • Full-time 4-wheel drive supplies easy operation and automobile stability beneath all situations as a result of torque is consistently being transferred.
  • Torque distribution supplies traction to keep up ahead movement beneath most situations.
  • The Brake Traction Control System (BTCS) works in tandem with full-time 4 wheel drive. BTCS supplies resistance to any wheel that’s slipping to permit extra torque switch to wheels with traction.
  • Robust design and improved sealing improve reliability.
  • No upkeep required.
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Quadra-Trac Active On Demand  (MP3010 single-speed switch case with digital restricted slip rear differential)

(Standard on SRT8 fashions)

The MP3010 is a single pace switch case which supplies handy full-time all-wheel-drive. No driver interplay is required. The DTCM module governs the torque break up between the entrance and rear axle. Driving down a straight line on a dry floor the switch case sends 47 p.c of the torque to the entrance axle and 53 p.c of torque to the rear axle. This four-wheel drive (4WD) system permits entrance and rear wheels to rotate at totally different speeds when required by the street situation or street floor.


Normal All-Wheel Drive permits entrance and rear wheels to rotate at totally different speeds on all street surfaces. The “SVC 4WD” warning gentle displays the electrical shift 4WD system. If this gentle stays on after engine begin up or illuminates throughout driving, it implies that the 4WD system is just not functioning correctly and that service is required.

Proper operation of all-wheel drive autos is determined by tires of equal measurement, sort and circumference on every wheel. Any distinction in tire measurement could cause harm to the switch case.

The DTCM (Drive Train Control Module) is an digital module that controls the shifting of the 4WD “Active on Demand” MP3010 single pace switch case.

Quadra-Trac II  (MP3023 two-speed energetic digital switch case)

(Standard on Limited and Overland 4×4 fashions)

The Quadra-Trac® II is the MP3023 two-speed, on-demand, energetic four-wheel drive switch case that gives optimum traction for a variety of situations, whereas maximizing driver comfort. When working in 4WD Auto mode, this refined system anticipates and prevents slip by redirecting torque as vital.

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For added traction functionality when traversing steep grades, tough terrain or extraordinarily poor traction surfaces, the switch case features a 4WD Low mode. This second pace gear multiplies engine torque 2.72 instances and locks the clutch pack for max traction.

Electric shifting between 4WD AUTO and 4WD Low is effected with a console-mounted change. A pushpin button is used to shift to Neutral mode.

The MP3023 switch case supplies the next advantages:


  • Active, on-demand four-wheel drive requires no driver enter.
  • Instantly anticipates slip and preemptively redirects torque as wanted.
  • Vehicle stability beneath all situations as a result of torque is consistently being transferred.
  • 4WD Low operation mode supplies a bonus over autos outfitted with a single-speed all-wheel drive switch case.
  • Electric shifting between 4WD Auto and 4WD Low supplies easy operation and improved NVH management in comparison with programs with mechanical linkage.
  • Enhanced traction and stability supplied by the Traction Control and Electronic Stability Program (ESP) working in tandem with four-wheel-drive.
  • A sturdy design and sealing for reliability.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • A impartial mode permits flat towing.

Transfer case working ranges are:


  • Operating positions: 4WD Auto – N – 4WD Low.
  • 4WD Auto = Electronically managed moist clutch for torque biasing.
  • N = Transfer case impartial for 4-wheel flat leisure towing.
  • 4WD Low = Low vary (2.72:1) half time mode.

The 4WD Low vary is for off street use solely. It is just not to be used on exhausting floor roads except the street floor is moist, slippery, or lined by ice and snow.

The low vary discount gear system is operative in 4WD Low vary solely. This vary is for additional pulling energy in off street conditions. Low vary discount ratio is 2.72:1.


Controls for the MP3023 switch case energetic clutch (torque biasing machine) are positioned within the Drive Train Control Module (DTCM) and communicated on the Controller Area Network (CAN) C bus. The DTCM displays a number of automobile sensors to anticipate situations which can lead to wheel slip or decreased efficiency and preemptively adjusts torque break up to entrance and rear axles as wanted. The DTCM additionally compares wheel speeds on the entrance and rear axles to detect wheel slippage. An entire automobile dynamics mannequin, or algorithm, calculates slip at every tire for given vehicle-operating situations. When wheel slip is detected, stress utilized to the switch case clutch pack might be elevated or decreased to use elevated torque to the axle with increased traction.

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Electric Shift Mechanism:

The electronically managed moist clutch pack makes use of an electrical motor to actuate an inner gear practice, clutch cam, and low vary barrel cam. The clutch cam actuates the clutch levers that apply regular drive to the multi-disc moist clutch pack. The clutch discs are alternately splined to the entrance and rear drive shafts. When regular drive is utilized to this clutch pack, torque is transferred to equalize pace variations between entrance and rear axles.

Transfer of torque from one wheel to the opposite on an axle is achieved by utilizing Brake Traction Control. Under the precise situations the automobile might be pushed by only one wheel.

Quadra-Drive II  (MP3023 two-speed energetic digital switch case with digital restricted slip rear differential)

(Optional on 2011 Overland 4×4; Optional on 2012 Limited and Overland; Standard on 2012 Overland Summit)


  • Fully computerized, excessive vary for yr spherical driving in all situations
  • Active digital switch case and rear digital restricted slip differential
  • When traction is misplaced torque might be despatched to wheel or wheels with probably the most traction
  • System works progressively and on-demand
  • Works along with brake traction management
  • Torque might be despatched entrance to again or aspect to aspect
  • 4 Low mode locks entrance and rear driveshaftsfor low pace energy/rock crawling or towing
  • Includes Selec-Terrain
  • Neutral place for flat towing

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