Jeep WK2 Grand Cherokee Active Noise Cancellation

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Welcome to the function web page on the WK2 Jeep Grand Cherokee lively noise cancellation system. Did we miss something? get in contact with us and tell us!

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Feature introduction: 2015 mannequin 12 months


Standard on 2015-2017 Grand Cherokee Summit and SRT fashions  (not accessible on different 2015-2017 fashions).

Standard on 2018-2020 Lardeo X, Overland, Summit, Trailhawk, SRT, and Trackhawk fashions. Available with 2018-2020 Limited Luxury Group II bundle and Laredo & Limited Alpine speaker system.

The Active Noise Cancellation system is designed to deal with the change in exhaust noise every time the car is working in Fuel Economy Mode (ECO) or 4 cylinder mode. The system depends on 4 microphones embedded within the headliner to detect the exhaust drone and immediate an onboard frequency generator to create counteracting sound waves by means of the audio system’s audio system and sub-woofer. This helps preserve the car quiet at freeway speeds.

The Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) module is a stand-alone module. The module is situated behind the proper rear quarter trim panel. On fashions geared up with the Harman Kardon audio system, the module is integral into the audio amplifier situated behind the left quarter trim panel. The ANC system additionally contains 4 microphones situated within the headliner. These microphones are serviced individually from the headliner.



1. Microphone  2. Connector
One of the 4 microphones which might be mounted within the headliner


The Active Noise Control (ANC) module performs the creation of alerts acceptable to cancel engine order associated car noises from the engine. It creates these alerts in proportion to the Engine RPM plus another wanted enter.


  • The ANC module obtains the engine RPM from the car Powertrain Control Module (PCM).
  • The alerts that the ANC module creates contains at the very least 4 simultaneous alerts equal to sine wave frequencies in designated ratios monitoring the engine RPM, to cancel engine order associated noises, plus different elective alerts that may improve the cancellation impact.
  • To preserve the effectiveness of the noise cancellation over the total vary of auto working circumstances and seating areas, the ANC module has 4 outputs and course of alerts from 4 microphone assemblies situated within the headliner.
  • The ANC module helps mixing the 4 ANC alerts into any output channel at a degree after the entire sign processing required
  • The ANC module operates on car battery energy and has its state of operation managed by CAN-B bus messages.
  • In addition to performing lively noise cancellation, the ANC module provides energy to the loudspeakers.


1. Fastener  2. ANC module & Bracket   3. Harness  4. Fastener
Active Noise Cancellation module location, proper rear quarter trim panel (stand-alone model)



Active Noise Cancellation module (stand-alone model)
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