XD 9000i Warn Winch

By Jeep Experts

The winch set up was in regards to the best mod I’ve accomplished to Lady.  Since I purchased the winch used, I wanted some mounting {hardware}.  Not being a lot of a fan of these blasted Torx bolts, I discovered this a wonderful alternative to exchange them with some Grade 8 hex head bolts.  A fast journey to the ironmongery store yielded the required 4 bolts and lock washers.  I made a decision to recycle the metric bolt that holds down the entrance of the sway bar bracket.  It was lengthy sufficient to undergo the winch mounting plate (and a few washers to behave as a spacer) and nonetheless have loads of threads left for a superb maintain.  The solely different merchandise that requires removing is the plastic body cowl that has JEEP embossed into it.  The winch plate goes proper in that spot.

Here is winch after all of the bolts had been snugged up.  Not too unhealthy.  I used to be completely happy that my manufacturing facility fog lights didn’t require repositioning.  (Every at times you get fortunate, I assume).  I used 1/2-13 x 2.5″ bolts rather than the Torx 55s that the place holding the aftermarket tow hooks in place.  The tow hooks sit on high of the winch plate and the Grade 8s clamp every thing down good and tight. 

I routed the facility cables for the winch up alongside the aspect of the radiator after which again to the battery.  I used just a few cable ties to decorate the facility cables off neatly and to maintain them out of any rotating components. 

I’m not all collectively proud of this methodology of attaching the facility cables to the battery, though it’s most likely adequate to energy the winch.  I contemplate this a brief setup for proper now (I needed to test the operation of the winch).  Did that the parents from Optima will NOT warrantee the battery in the event you connect your winch to the aspect terminals.  The aspect terminals aren’t designed to deal with the excessive and prolonged present draw {that a} huge winch can create. 

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Here is a response, from Optima tech help,  to my query about utilizing the aspect terminals on the Optima battery for my winch



Thank you to your curiosity in OPTIMA Batteries. The data you heard is right. You don’t need to hook a winch as much as the aspect terminals as a result of the excessive present would quick out the terminals inflicting your battery to fail.  If you want some other data you’ll be able to contact me on the above handle.

Best Regards,   Shana Holland

I might be prepared to guess that the “quick” that she mentions would extra doubtless be an open.  High present draw will trigger a conductor to burn open if it cannot deal with the excessive present.  Either method, it makes for a foul hair day for you.  So….my plan is to chop the prevailing connectors off the tip of the winch and automobile cables.  After that, I put 1/4″ ring terminals on the automobile cables and fasten them to the aspect posts.  I’ll put submit connectors on the winch cables and fasten them to the highest posts on the Yellow Top.  I did verify with Ms. Holland that I can connect my starter motor to the aspect terminals.

March 30, 2003

 I lastly obtained round to altering the connectors on my battery cables.  Myself and a few good associates that usually all wheel collectively minimize the manufacturing facility ends off of our constructive and adverse terminals the opposite weekend.  We put in crimp on ring terminals and connected them to a brand new pair of marine battery adapters.  Why?  Well, one of many guys purchased himself a transportable mig welder that runs off of both two or three 12 volt batteries that have to be wired in collection (to get both 24 or 36 volts).  Scott had an opportunity to make use of it the opposite weekend however it was a problem disconnecting all the automobile’s wiring once we connected his welder.  The simple repair was to make it so {that a} wing nut want solely be eliminated and the cables slipped off of the submit and positioned apart when the welding cables are connected. 

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Warn Motor Testing Procedure

If you end up in a state of affairs the place your winch is clicking however it isn’t working, you’ll have a motor downside….or you’ll have a solenoid downside.  The following process, from Warn, will allow you to decide the standing of your winch motor.

  1. Put the winch in freespool.

    2. Disconnect the constructive lead from the battery (depart the bottom lead connected).

    3. Label and disconnect the three cables that run from the management pack to the three posts on the motor.

    4. Stamped subsequent to the three posts on the motor will probably be “A”, “F1” and “F2”. Run a small jumper wire (5″-6″ useless lead, 8 ga. will work simply wonderful) from “A” to “F1” and put energy from the battery (jumper cables work good) to “F2”. The winch motor ought to run in a single path right now.

    5. Next, place the jumper wire from “A” to “F2” and put energy from the battery to “F1”. The winch motor ought to run in the other way right now.

    If these steps are adopted accurately and the motor runs in each instructions, the motor is nice.


January 19, 2006

I spoke with BlaineJ final night time, my buddy from CA that has assisted me on a few my initiatives through the years.  We had been discussing numerous subjects and he handed alongside some data that he thought may go properly with this write-up, and so right here it’s.

Blaine was out on the path the prior week and a fella wanted some help in getting his automobile rotated on the path.  Another man connected his winch to assist accomplish the duty.  While winching, it was seen that the winch (a Warn) was having issue in holding rigidity on the cable after letting off of the winch controller button.  In different phrases, it appeared that the brake couldn’t maintain the load.  It is certainly uncommon that you simply hear points about Warn’s winch brake.

As Blaine came visiting to see what was taking place, he instantly seen that the winch cable was spooled onto the winch drum incorrectly…..it was wrapped across the drum going the incorrect path.

Blaine stated he questioned the brand new Jeep proprietor (the man had just lately purchased the Jeep and this was his first time utilizing the winch) about it.  The proprietor had seen that the cable went the incorrect method when he used the controller so his repair had been to take the change out of the rubber controller deal with and switch it round to match the graphics on the controller.

In doing so, the winch misplaced its capacity to correctly brake.  The new proprietor didn’t notice that there’s a proper and incorrect path to spool the cable onto the winch drum.  Once the rope was eliminated and accurately respooled, the brake works juat because it ought to.  Of course, the person then needed to as soon as once more take away the change from the controller and insert it the way in which it initially got here from Warn.

Just one thing to recollect in the event you occur to respool your winch rope/cable.  Make positive it does on the right method. 


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