WJ Jeep Grand Cherokee Fuse Diagram

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Welcome to the jeepExperts.com in-depth web page on the WJ Generation Jeep Grand Cherokee fuse diagram. We have organized as a lot info as we may discover right into a useful desk under. Is one thing incorrect or lacking? Please get in contact with us and we’ll repair it!

WJ Junction Block (below sprint, left of steering wheel).

Grand Cherokee fuses

Cavity Fuse Color Description
F1 Spare
F2 Spare
F3 10 Amp Red Headlight excessive beam left
F4 15 Amp Lt. Blue Flasher, hazard swap (see Junction Block diagram above for location of flip sign Flasher relay – Mopar p/n 4686094)(Repair tip: WJ flasher repair)

Note: On some or all WJ fashions, this fuse can also be used for the ashtray mild and the shifter meeting mild.

F5 25 Amp Natural Radio amplifier
F6 15 Amp Lt. Blue Park lamps
F7 10 Amp Red Interior lights
F8 15 Amp Lt. Blue Overhead console, rear wiper, IP lights, rear flipper glass solenoid, energy locks
F9 20 Amp Yellow Power retailers
F10 20 Amp Yellow Adjustable pedals (2002-2004 solely)
F11 10 Amp Red Rear window defrost indicator
F12 10 Amp Red Auto shutdown relay / “Fuel”
F13 Spare
F14 10 Amp Red Headlight low, left
F15 10 Amp Red Headlight low, proper
F16 10 Amp Red Headlight excessive, proper
F17 10 Amp Red Instrument cluster, diagnostic connector
F18 30 Amp ? Trailer tow
F19 10 Amp Red Anti-lock brakes
F20 10 Amp Red Ignition Run / Heated seats / A/C Heater management / Flasher – Left and Right flip sign swap sense
F21 10 Amp Red Ignition Run / Start – PDC (Power Distribution Center)
F22 10 Amp Red Ignition Run / Start
F23 15 Amp Lt. Blue Brake swap
F24 15 Amp Lt. Blue Foglamps
F25 20 Amp Yellow Accessory delay relay (sunroof)
F26 15 Amp Lt. Blue Cigar
F27 15 Amp Lt. Blue Rear fog (export)
F28 10 Amp Red Body Control Module, Acc/Run
F29 10 Amp Red Rear wiper swap. Washer motors
F30 15 Amp Lt. Blue Radio
F31 10 Amp Red Ignition Start
F32 10 Amp Red Ignition Run / Start – Airbag
F33 10 Amp Red Ignition Run / Only – Airbag
C1 20 Amp Yellow Wiper (Circuit Breaker)
C2 20 Amp Yellow Seats (Circuit Breaker)
C3 Spare
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Junction Block pinouts


Junction Block C-2 Body Control Module Junction Block C-3


PDC (Power Distribution Center, below hood)

Ignition off draw fuse (IOD) / Vehicle storage
The time period ignition-off draw identifies a standard situation the place energy is being drained from the battery with the ignition swap within the Off place. The IOD connector feeds the reminiscence and sleep mode features for a number of the digital modules within the automobile in addition to numerous different equipment that require battery present when the ignition swap is within the Off place, together with the clock.

The IOD connector can be utilized by the automobile proprietor as a handy technique of decreasing battery depletion when a automobile is to be saved for intervals to not exceed about twenty days (short-term storage). Simply disconnect the IOD connector from the JB receptacle slot # 15 and place it in slot # 11 (see diagram above). However, it have to be remembered that disconnecting the IOD connector is not going to remove IOD, however solely cut back this regular situation. When a automobile is not going to be used for greater than twenty days, however lower than thirty days, take away the IOD fuse from the Power Distribution Center (PDC). If a automobile can be saved for greater than about thirty days, the battery unfavourable cable needs to be disconnected to remove regular IOD; and, the battery needs to be examined and recharged at common intervals throughout the automobile storage interval to stop the battery from turning into discharged or broken. Refer to Ignition-Off Draw Fuse and Battery within the index on this service guide for the placement of further service info overlaying the ignition-off draw fuse and the battery.

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WJ flasher restore tip

The flasher is positioned within the Junction Block (below the sprint, left of steering wheel. See diagram at very high of this web page). The following restore tip was supplied by “tntguy”:

Look on the finish of the flasher relay with the prongs protruding. There can be 2 plastic tabs holding it collectively. Break or bend these again. Pull out the insides. On one facet can be all of the parts. On the opposite facet can be solder joints. Get a magnifying glass and examine these joints. One or two will in all probability have stress cracks. Just dab somewhat flux on this joint and warmth it with a soldering iron till it melts again collectively. You might have so as to add just a bit solder. Be positive to get the pins sizzling and never simply the solder. They want quite a lot of warmth. Slide the relay again into its cowl, dab somewhat tremendous glue or tape it again collectively, and also you’re able to go.

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