TJ Bumpstops

By Jeep Experts


Bumpstops…..we use them on our suspension programs to restrict the spring journey. This is completed for 2 causes…..the primary is to stop the spring from over compressing. Over compressing a spring may end up in spring fatigue and/or failure. The spring can take a set and never return to its regular size after the load is eliminated. The second cause is to maintain tires from rubbing, often the within fender properly space. This usually happens once we improve the tire measurement by a good quantity. Some people merely lower away the sheet steel whereas others choose to maintain the physique because it was and restrict the upward wheel journey.

In the above photograph, a few bump stops are in use. A 1″ Teraflex aluminum extension has been put in the place the manufacturing unit bump cease cup is positioned. This will increase the manufacturing unit bump cease size by an inch. The drawback with this technique reveals up in the event you attempt to go for much longer. It causes the spring to rub on the bump cease. As the spring expands and the axle droops downward, the axle strikes rearward a small quantity. This causes the longer spring to not keep centered on the higher spring perch and so the bump cease rubs the spring. On the underside spring perch, a 2″ tall RE extension has been put in. This technique works very properly as a result of the extension down right here doesn’t intervene with the spring just like the one on the high spring perch generally does. You could also be questioning why a lot extension? The spring proven within the above pic is a 4″ Procomp coil. With most 4″ lifts, you add a 2″ bump cease (that takes care of the decrease 2″ RE bump cease). You may even notice that there’s a 1 3/4″ coil spacer on the high of the spring. I added the 1″ Teraflex bump cease extension to assist offset this spacer. So….I’ve 6″ of raise and three″ of bump sop extension to compensate for it. This prevented my springs from being over compressed AND it allowed the entrance tires to return inside a few 1/4″ of rubbing the fenders. Can’t ask for way more than that.

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This is my present entrance spring (as of my writing these feedback). It is an 8″ Skyjacker spring. The bumpstop is prolonged on the high by greater than 3″. It is a one piece unit and I’m not working the aluminum extension that was proven within the earlier photograph. The extension is tapered (an enchancment over what I had) and so will not be practically as more likely to tangle with the spring just like the earlier setup. I nonetheless have the two″ RE extension on the backside. Given that the spring are taller and their spring price will not be overly smooth, I can simply barely get the bumpstops to the touch underneath heavy compression.

This setup is from my buddy’s TJ. He is working 4″ TeraFlex springs with a 1″ coil spacer. On the decrease perch, you may see a 2″ aluminum block (from the unique Teraflex set up). When we added the coil spacer on the high of the spring, we didn’t need to trigger an over compression scenario. A 1″ thick hockey puck was RTVed on high of the aluminum spacer. They work nice. Same 3″ diameter as the prevailing spacer so it strains up simply superb. A pair of them had been bought at a used sporting items retailer for a greenback every. You can’t beat the value and so they do the job very properly.

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