The Great Locker Debate: Detroit vs. ARB

By Jeep Experts


My Views& Experiences with Lockers
by Stu Olson

There has been, and can all the time be, a number of hotly debated subjects within the off-road world.  One of those subjects is the ever in style locker. 

What is a locker?  It is brief for locking differential.  The differential is that large “bulge” in the course of your axle that permits the left and proper axles to distinguish when you go round a nook.  Normally, one slows down whereas the opposite hastens.  If you simply had a strong axle connecting the left and proper sides collectively, turning the nook can be far more troublesome than you’ll be able to think about.  Since each tires can be pressured to journey on the similar pace, and neither of them likes this, they’d drag and slide their approach across the nook and make for some very undesired driving certainly.

An everyday open diff  retains the typical RPM of each axles fixed relative to the drive shaft rpm.  In an open diff, with one wheel experiencing a whole lack of traction (0 RPM), the opposite wheel might be turning at twice the RPM that it could be if each wheels have been on the similar rpm – relative to the drive shaft.  This occurs due to the spider gears.  This similar differential attribute carries over to the restricted slip design (LSD) which makes use of the spider gears.  So, when an open diff goes by means of a flip, and good traction is obtainable (asphalt street), the surface wheel turns sooner and the within wheel turns slower than if each have been stepping into a straight line with a relentless automobile pace.

In an computerized locker design, which doesn’t use spider gears, not less than one wheel should flip the identical (relative) rpm because the drive shaft whereas the opposite wheel can flip sooner (however not slower).  In most all computerized locker designs, the inboard wheel drives on the similar (relative) RPM because the drive shaft and the outboard wheel unlocks and travels on the elevated floor pace which is what’s driving it.

Early in 2000, I made a decision it was time to improve my TJ’s drive practice.  I used to be going to make a Death Valley run in March and the spend every week in Moab in late April.  My manufacturing facility Dana 35c rear axle, with the restricted slip diff, was not going to present me the efficiency I might be requiring.  After quite a lot of studying and discussions with good buddies, I made a decision on a brand new Dana 44 rear axle with 4.56 gears and a Detroit Locker (the Dana 30 entrance bought a brand new Detroit TrueTrac).

Actually, the choice as to what sort of locker to get was not truly made till the work order was being crammed out on the 4×4 store.  I had narrowed it all the way down to both the Detroit or an ARB.  I couldn’t make up my thoughts.  Both are nice lockers….however which one ought to I get?  Money wasn’t the primary driving pressure since I already had a QuickAir 2 put in within the TJ.  With that out of the way in which, it was solely a few hundred {dollars} distinction between the price of the 2 lockers.  Considering the whole lot that I used to be having finished (I used to be getting new BFG MTs and new alloy rims too), this was lower than the tax I used to be going to be paying.

As I stood on the counter, making feedback on what I needed included within the work order, we bought to the locker.  I stated, “Why don’t you work up the worth of an ARB and one for the Detroit and I’ll see which one seems higher.”  Little did the man know I used to be nonetheless fighting which locker to get.  He began on the ARB first….”let me see….one locker, one spare solenoid, a spare fuse….”.  “Wait a minute”, I stated.  “What’s with all of this spare elements stuff?  I requested you for an ARB worth workup, not your spare elements stock.”

The man on the counter, with a bit smirk on his face, seemed up at me and stated “Do you truly plan on going off-road with out spare elements to your ARB?”  That was it….my thoughts was made up.  Probably not essentially the most scientific approach of doing it, however I believed it beat the heck out of tossing a coin.  I’ll admit that good ‘ol Murphy (the man in Murphy’s Law) does appear to comply with Jeepers round on the path.  I figured that the much less elements I’ve to make my locker work, the higher off I might be.

Now…earlier than somebody decides to flame me about what I simply stated, let me say that I’ve nothing in opposition to ARBs.  (Some of my finest buddies have them!)  I simply stated I struggled with making an attempt to determine which one to get, proper?  Would I take advantage of one in my Jeep?  Well, if I have been going to purchase a Jeep, and it occurred to have an ARB locker in it, I certain wouldn’t let that affect me both approach.

My path observations:

Before I had gotten my drive practice upgraded, I drove out to a very nasty path that I heard was going to have some good use that day.  I took a good friend alongside.  He was new to the off-road world and needed to see some “carnage”.  (One man managed to roll that day.)  We have been watching a properly constructed up Cherokee (might need been a Grand, don’t keep in mind) working a really troublesome part of the path.  He was on very uneven bedrock, making an attempt to make a decent up-hill flip, and in addition making a fantastic try at retaining his rocker panels trying roughly new.  It turned obvious that he was struggling greater than he ought to have been.  He was locked, entrance and rear, with ARBs.  After a little bit of “detective” work, it was decided that his rear was not locking.  With simply the entrance locker working now, and the rear axle operating within the open diff mode, he lastly made it as much as a flat spot the place he might get off the path a bit to take a look at the issue.  After about half-hour they discovered that the solenoid was leaking.  They did a path repair on it (undecided what it was….has one thing to do with jamming a screw in some place) and he bought again into the motion.

My Moab journey paired me up with a CJ and two YJs that have been operating ARBs.  I ran with all however considered one of these Jeeps for five of the 7 days I used to be wheelin’ there.  Both of the YJs skilled air leaks however managed to get them fastened with solely about half-hour of effort.  The CJ stored going, however his compressor was sounding fairly unhealthy.  We bought to speaking about it and I found that this was his third ARB compressor (the earlier two changed underneath warrantee).  He was not proud of the compressor and we talked about my QA2 for some time.

OK….so granted, that is additionally not scientific proof that exhibits that ARBs are unhealthy lockers.  It is proof that Murphy’s  Law does comply with Jeepers round and makes life attention-grabbing for us.  In each of the above conditions (the nasty path and Moab), lots of the contributors have been utilizing Detroits.  In the case of the Moab journey, everybody not operating an ARB was operating a Detroit (OK….so we now know which lockers are the preferred, proper?).  Again, all I’m saying is that with all different components being equal, I personally will (and did) go for the Detroit Locker due to the reliability issue….it’s simply plain much less vulnerable to failure as a result of the of the decreased variety of supporting elements.

I’ve talked with ARB guys on the path who’ve had their lockers in for 3 years and have by no means suffered a failure of any form.  Most ARB homeowners often blame poor set up practices for the issues that you simply hear about.  I’m certain there’s something to this.  Again, it goes again to Murphy’s Law….the extra issues there can go flawed, will go flawed.  If you may have a good store do the set up, and so they do plenty of ARB installs, and the parents who’ve had them finished there say they do good work, you need to come out with a high quality set up and never be bothered with failures ensuing from unhealthy mechanic practices.

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The ARB Air Locker is a driver-controlled differential lock actuated by pushing a dash-mounted button. In a tenth of a second, compressed air actuates a piston contained in the differential which engages a locking gear, immediately locking the differential and directing driving torque to the wheels with most traction.  The diff lock is solely disengaged by once more pushing the button.  The Air Lockers lock the axles collectively, offering 100% traction to all wheels, permitting you to soundly traverse even essentially the most troublesome terrain.

The ARB requires an air supply between 85~100 psi.  The air supply should be managed, both through operated by hand valves (I’ve a good friend who did this and says he finds it extra dependable) or by means of an electrically actuated air solenoid.  The later is thought to fail upon event….reality, not delusion.  If you may have a spare and a few instruments, it shouldn’t be an enormous deal to place in a brand new one.

The ARB locker prices round $150~ $200 extra per axle than does the Detroit Locker.  In addition to this, you have to some form of an air system to function it, together with the suitable management switches, air solenoids, and air line, and so forth.  This will add a number of hundred $$ to the general venture price.  If you have already got an air provide in your automobile, you need to use it together with a strain regulator and the required switches, traces, solenoids, and so forth.  This will assist scale back the associated fee.

Detroit Locker:

Tractech makes a number of locking differentials, the preferred being the Detroit Locker® model.  They preserve the wheels locked collectively (besides when turning) in order that collectively the left and proper wheels all the time ship most traction to the bottom; neither wheel can spin out.  They permit totally different wheel speeds in a flip by disconnecting the sooner – shifting wheel (often the surface wheel which is floor – pushed sooner all through the flip) and driving the automobile with the opposite (inside) wheel.  After set up, there is no such thing as a particular upkeep required.  Follow your automobile’s upkeep schedule for periodic differential fluid modifications and you might be all set.

Which axle to lock first:

There is all the time the talk on which axle to lock in case you are solely putting in one locker.

This previous week at Moab (April 22, 2001), we had an opportunity to watch simply how a lot weight switch happens on a TJ when going up an impediment and the results of such on automobile efficiency.  Many drivers might not be conscious of how a lot such a weight switch can have an effect on their automobile.

Josh (aka., Shlingdawg) blew a rear u-joint whereas making an attempt to climb up onto a slickrock fin. At that time, we have been about 1/2 mile from the tip of the path with about 3 fins to go.

We have been going to winch him up the primary fin (the one is u-joint blew on). He had simply tried to drive up the fin with solely entrance wheel drive (the rear drive shaft was eliminated) and made it about 10′ earlier than his open diff beginning slipping the entrance tires. His tires have been howling on the slickrock as they fought for traction.

It was instructed that he flip round and check out backing up. Now, do not forget that it’s nonetheless the identical open diff, however this time it now has weight on it (in contrast to when he was driving ahead).

I stood there and watched him again to the highest of the slickrock fin with out as soon as spinning a tire. strong 75′ climb with excellent traction. Yet, when making an attempt to drive ahead, the tires have been spinning helplessly inside the first 10 toes.

Anyone that desires to inform me that entrance lockers will “dig proper in and provide you with all of the wanted traction” is losing their breath on me. My first locker went into my rear axle and I’ve by no means resented it. I’ve the luxurious of driving average trails in 2WD and nonetheless having fun with the traction benefit offered by the Detroit whereas having freeway type dealing with on the entrance finish.

My primary query is “Why put your solely locker within the axle that can typically occasions have so little weight on it that it cannot present any helpful traction?”

Granted, there may be quite a lot of weight on the entrance axle when you find yourself coming down off of the impediment, however I’ve not often discovered the necessity for a locker at the moment. I all the time appear to wish one when I’m climbing up onto it.

I’ve all the time believed in locking the rear axle first and Josh’s efficiency on the slickrock fin was simply extra proof that typical weight switch can render the entrance axle just about ineffective for traction.

Comments I’ve learn on internet boards and e-mail. 
I simply copy and paste these into this part.  I search for each Detroit Locker and ARB feedback.  You be the choose.  A search of the net for “locking differentials” got here up with plenty of hyperlinks to e-mail and discussion board postings.  Here are a couple of that I copied:


“….ARB’s are nice, but when your compressor goes out you’re screwed (Cbassett’s went out on the Rubicon journey this week) and he was left with out a entrance locker. I’ve but to listen to a few Detroit failing.”

“…..I’ve had a leaky o-ring, a damaged air-line, and a leaky solenoid up to now.  When it really works, it’s a nice locker.”  (be aware: he was describing his ARB)

“….People make out full lockers to be some form of evil dealing with demon that can throw your truck off a cliff on the first alternative. I’ve had mine in for about 30,000 miles now, and aside from an occasional “Ka-POW!” sound (often whereas backing up) and elevated axle wrap earlier than I placed on the torque bar (now slight wheelslip – mini burner – on polished concrete or slick asphalt at low speeds), the factor is clear. I wouldn’t even realize it was there, besides I virtually by no means use 4 wheel now. It’s been to Tahoe, Oregon, Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and so forth., and no issues, nothing uncommon. So full lockers aren’t the Devil’s personal street-handling machine in my case.”

“….I used to be going to get ARB’s in entrance, however the hardcore guys within the membership all took their ARB’s out, uninterested in wiring and airline probs!”

“….If there is no such thing as a air strain utilized, heavy obligation springs unlock the arb. So in case you are staying locked both there may be nonetheless air strain to it or one thing within the arb itself is busted and might want to open pumkin. Look for damaged elements whenever you pop the quilt.  I’ve the ARB paperwork in entrance of me and it actually doesn’t handle your drawback.”

“….This may very well be brought on by a solenoid valve not opening and venting the air when turned off, or not closing and stopping the air from going to the locker.”

“…..I’m going to again off of my staunch protection of the handy ARB locker. Many JUers talked about ARB’s unreliability, whereas I had no issues for a near a 12 months whereas visiting Moab seven occasions throughout that interval and making an attempt many of the close by Denver trails.  The rear had to get replaced and the compressor was rebuilt in May. The compressor then had to get replaced in July. Now the rear locker wouldn’t disengage due to a damaged half.  Although the ARB reps are terrific of their comply with up, their guarantee is nugatory. I used to be e-told that the guarantee would have lined the damaged half and labor if the unit would have been shipped to them. Now inform me, who’s going to take the time to crate the unit, ship it to ARB for his or her inspection, be with out the usage of the Jeep whereas ready for a reply.”

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“okay guys…I simply bought my chrome steel arb line from rocky street…
I’ve tried calling them, however nobody is answering…
The drawback is that I’ve the road, however none of its fittings will connect to the nipple that comes out of the highest of the diff from the arb itself.
What do I do? Am I doing one thing flawed right here?
I went to house depot and sears to attempt to discover an adapter, however to no avail.
Any assist can be tremendously appreciated!

You must return them and get the proper ones. The becoming protruding of the diff is metric and makes use of metric sized line. It will get worse, a part of the valve sizes are British pipe on one finish and  American pipe on the opposite (NPT).”

“My entrance arb stopped working, compressor stored operating, no lock up. Got in contact w/arb usa and so they despatched me some o-rings, opened up punkin discovered 6 bolts and their damaged off heads (7mm or 9/32″ by 11/2″) washers and a few sort of T-washer hooked up, and a couple of pins damaged in half.  The tooth on ring gear those I can see with out eradicating locker seem okay any concepts what broke, and is that this a easy repair, was the locker put in flawed was locktite supose for use and perhaps wasn’t. Guess I ought to verify the again ,dreading that.”

“I had ARBs in my inventory Dana 30 and Dana 35 for about 4 years. And I now have ARBs in my Dana 60s entrance and rear.  I’ve had quite a lot of hassle with ARBs! First, the compressor. I believe a cigarette lighter plug-in compressor can be extra dependable. It’s crap. Plain and easy. Went through 3 of them.

The Dana 35 locker grenaded on me twice. This was the RD59 mannequin I had the difficulty with. The cross-shaft was smaller than inventory and I busted it twice. ARB paid the entire invoice the primary time for the brand new locker, ring & pinion and labor. The second time, they despatched me the brand new RD69 mannequin with the brand new bigger cross shaft and I needed to pay labor.”

“Well I for one didn’t having fun with ripping on one thing I spent over $2,000 to get elements and set up. I used to sound like lots of you on the checklist, considering ARB’s have been the best factor, different’s complained as a result of they have been jealous, and other people have been simply mad that they didn’t get them the primary time. Well, my ARB’s turned on me, and I for one would by no means suggest anybody get these. I’ve talked to quite a few individuals having issues w/ ARB’s, and this checklist is the primary place I’ve even heard of individuals having ARB’s for a number of years w/o issues, often it appeared that anybody I had spoked too that had run them for any period of time had issues w/ them. Oh properly, the bolts that maintain the provider collectively sheared off my ARB, *underneath avenue use*, after 3 months of proudly owning them (hadn’t even gotten a great likelihood to actually use them), bought caught in my ring and pinion, and there goes my rear finish. Then, I bought caught w/ a 3 week turnaround to get this warranteed and repaired on what was my day by day driver, so I principally sat house for this time. In the tip ARB dominated that it was correctly put in, and their fault, and sure it was a Dana 35 mannequin, however this was a bit over a 12 months in the past, and I’ve heard of 10 or extra individuals now who’ve had this occur in Cherokee’s. Oh, after this was fastened, I made it about 3 weeks earlier than the solenoid on the compressor went out, not an enormous deal to switch, however form of a joke.”

“I suppose in case you don’t have the Dana 30 entrance or 44 rear you could justify it, however ARB’s are junk for my part. I’ve heard of Detroit’s breaking far much less typically too. I can solely think about how enjoyable it could have been if my ARB had gone out in the course of a path the place you want lockers at each ends, and I being left w/o even rear wheels to show. Not one thing I might repair, I do know that for certain, so I received’t mess with them once more. I suppose in case you might arrange a hoop and pinion, and new locker on the path although, go for it!!”

“OK, I do know I’m not the primary one which this has occurred to. But I seen that my Jeep was driving humorous after a day of wheelin’. When I suspected that the rear ARB was frozen-up, I raised the rear axle & positioned it on stands & tried to spin the tires to see in the event that they rotated in reverse instructions as they’re suppose to when unlocked. To my dismay, they spin in sequence on a regular basis. I began my ARB compressor, & tried to see if air was bleeding in line with design by turning the diff management buttons on & off a number of occasions. It appears to be bleeding usually. I additionally swapped the entrance & rear electrical solenoid switches which can be mounted on the compressor. But had detrimental outcomes. Does anybody have any options of “free-up” the suspected ARB from it’s frozen place?”

“They confirmed me that in the event that they performed with the switches (the sprint & switches have been all torn aside), that they may intermittently get the rear to lock & unlock.  It was true. However, generally the entrance wouldn’t lock regardless that the rear was locked. The Jeep was up on a hoist, so we might spin the wheels and watch what would occur because the lockers have been being engaged & disengaged.  They instructed me that they have been fairly sure that it was electrical/solenoid/harness associated issues at this level. But haven’t narrowed it down but to the trigger.  Well right this moment I went there on my approach house. They “narrowed” it down to 6 elements that they are saying have to be changed! Grand whole for labor and elements w/tax $248.62.  I used to be form of relieved that the lockers themselves appear to be OK (nonetheless to be decided as soon as all put again collectively).”

“I seen a air leak coming from my ARB solenoids, solely once they have been activated. I work out it was coming from the entrance solenoid within the heart of the shaft. It is threaded so I discovered the proper screw, wrapped some teflon tape on it after which tightened it up.  I’m simply questioning why it could be leaking from there? Am I going to mess something up by plugging it? Is there suppose to be one thing in there to start with? Because, the opposite one doesn’t have something in there and it’s advantageous. Does this must do with the compressor heating up, a couple of weeks in the past (since it’s screwed to a tee within the compressor)?”

“Does anyone know if an auto elements retailer carrys common strain cutoff switches?  I can’t anticipate arb to ship one out.  POS change wouldn’t lower the air compressor off. I hope I didn’t blow out my O-rings.  3 weeks previous.”

“Just a easy story of how the ARB can surprisingly go to shit. I had been out wheeling and bought right into a predicament the place I needed to again up somewhat aggressively. Well I managed to actually dork up my exhaust. I needed to lower it off behind the muffler because it was un-repairable…no biggie. Well the exhaust was then blowing straight again to the place the hose entered the diff. It heated the road sufficient to permit it to burst when the locker was engaged. No extra locker.”

“It began with discovering a suction pump at Pep-boys. With this pump I used to be capable of suck the diff. oil out with out eradicating the covers. The rear diff. was a breeze, however once I bought to the entrance, the air line (copper tubing) was in the way in which of the suction pump hose. Now, like an fool, I moved the tubing about 1/4 inch, moved actual straightforward. Everything appeared regular and I went wheeling this previous weekend. I seen once I launched the air, from the entrance ARB, the conventional psssst sound of releasing air was muffled. When we bought again to camp and seemed, there was oil within the entrance air line and diff. oil had been squirting out the entrance solenoid. I notice now that shifting that entrance copper line triggered an air leak contained in the diff. I’m planning on changing the tubing this weekend and would recognize any recommendation from these of you which can be extra acquainted with this technique than me.”

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“ARBs have been working simply advantageous, now I can’t get the air to discharge or perhaps the compressor to return on. I’m leaning towards the compressor not approaching as a consequence of that I’m not at present locked. Anyone had this drawback. Going wheelin this weekend, will need to have lockers…. assist.”

“again when i had arb’s, the commonest drawback was the fuse. It went out rather a lot. additionally they have an interlock with the entrance locker and the rear locker. the entrance is not going to lock except the again is already locked. You may wish to verify to see if this interlock is working. there may be additionally a strain change. The unit shuts off as soon as there may be sufficient strain within the line. If you may have {an electrical} drawback to the air solinoid, then the compressor will refill the one time, then not do something till the air is launched. if the solinoid doesn’t open to let the air out, the air compressor is not going to activate, and it’ll appear to be the compressor is just not workingm however it’s truly the solinoid. You can verify this by simply letting some air out on the compressor and see if it can begin.  Of course, verify the fuse first. Mine went out rather a lot.”

“When I hearth my ARB air locker, the air goes by means of the housing and out the vent tube. What is the issue right here. Any assist can be appreciated, wish to know what to inform the store. ARB half numbers can be useful. Also anybody else who has had this drawback, what did it price to repair.  A discussion board person replies with, “What’s it in??? My dana 30 did the identical factor after one use. I believed it was the O-rings, however I pulled it and so they have been advantageous. It was leaking from someplace inner to the collar. I pulled it out and despatched it again to Drivetrain Direct and so they despatched me a brand new one. The new one has given me no issues what so ever.”

All that being stated, I had a pair of ARBs put in on January 21, 2001.  Hey, I believed it was time to see what the opposite aspect of the fence needed to supply.

It has been a few weeks because the January install of my ARBs.  I connected with a few Jeepin’ buddies and we ran Lower and Upper Tax Collector on a Saturday AM so I might confirm that each one was working as anticipated.  I’m joyful to announce that an ARB locker feels rather a lot like a Detroit locker when it’s locked and climbing over the rocks.  (DUH….what did you anticipate me to say?)   Seriously, it did simply advantageous and as I stated, it does carry out similar to a Detroit….a locked axle is a locked axle.  I used to be very proud of the D30 efficiency.  Stepping up from a high quality Detroit Truetrac to an air locker makes a distinction on the path.  

Am I proud of my ARBs?  Sure I’m.  Was I proud of my Detroit {hardware}?  Yes I used to be.  The dealing with habits on the road is the largest distinction between the 2 manufacturers, which I knew lengthy earlier than putting in the ARBs.  I do know my set up was finished by a really competent tech so I’m not worrying about issues falling aside due to him.  Time will inform how dependable my new setup stays.  I anticipate years of fine service from it, as I did for these two years I bought from my Detroit setup.
 August 5, 2002

I’ve acquired a few e-mails currently that requested how the ARB lockers have been doing.  I’m joyful to say they’re working simply advantageous.  No issues….no oil blowing out the solenoid (which means my o-rings are in fine condition)….compressor leak down take a look at is properly above the minimal ARB suggests, and so forth.

So….perhaps you might be questioning about all of these feedback additional up the web page?  Why so many detrimental feedback about ARB?  As I stated earlier, most ARB failures will be traced again to a poor set up (or, having them in a D35 which is NOT a good suggestion, IMHO).  I’ve little doubt that my set up was finished appropriately.  The tech has finished a whole bunch of them for the store he works for.  I did some checking across the off-road group and this store has a great repute (which I additionally knew from  my earlier Detroit setup) and so they don’t spend time correcting his errors.

Now that I’ve an ARB, I pay extra consideration to different ARB outfitted Jeeps and the way there air traces are ran, and so forth.  I’ve seen a couple of that have been…hmmmm….properly, let me say that I wouldn’t have the individual accountable for that set up work on my TJ.  It takes all types to make the world go round.  If you intend on utilizing ARBs, discover a competent installer and benefit from the fruits of your funding.

January 1, 2003

I believed a few of you may take pleasure in this picture….you most likely haven’t seen too lots of them (I do know I’ve not).  I used to be wheelin’ in Johnson Valley throughout Thanksgiving, 2002, with some good buddies from California.  While climbing a waterfall, my buddy snapped an axle shaft on his TJ’s Ford 9″ rear axle.  The resultant launch of power, when the shaft let go, took out the ring and pinion gears and the Detroit Locker.  The solely notable part that survived was the opposite axle shaft.  Here is an image of the Detroit.  OUCH!

February 1,  2005

This previous December, I did the primary upkeep on one of many ARBs (the rear locker) since I had them put in 4 years in the past.  (I suppose I ought to make clear….the primary upkeep aside from the routine altering of the differential fluid.)

I had seen some oil was being discharged from the vent port on the rear locker’s solenoid.  This is often a sign of the locker o-rings needing alternative.   Troy was good sufficient to present me a while on one of many lifts and with some help from Grady, I replaced the o-rings

During the final 4 years, I’ve heard and skim quite a lot of feedback from of us who use ARBs and in addition quite a lot of feedback from of us who’ve by no means owned an ARB outfitted automobile however but are one way or the other blessed with superior information with regard to how unhealthy ARBs truly are.  The one factor I’ve discovered to be persistently true is that the VAST majority of all ARB points will be traced again to an improper set up.  It doesn’t matter if a “good store” did the set up or not….what issues is the talent stage and a spotlight to particulars of the tech who put the locker within the diff.  Likewise, I’ve seen air line routing that’s an absolute joke….it may very well be used as a poster baby for line routing that begs to be burned off on a scorching exhaust pipe or snagged on rock or tree root. 

Do ARBs require extra upkeep than Detroits?  I suppose so… don’t have to switch the o-rings in a Detroit.  I see this want for upkeep as no totally different than changing bushings in a RE management arm or the u-joints in a drive shaft.  They are all put on objects and would require alternative sooner or later in time. 

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