Jeep WK2 Grand Cherokee Quadra-Lift Air Suspension System

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Welcome to the in-depth web page on the WK2 Jeep Grand Cherokee Quadra-lift air suspension system. Did we miss something? get in contact with us and tell us!

The Quadra-Lift air suspension system supplies peak management and lifts the car as much as 4.1 inches from park mode to a best-in-class most journey peak of 10.7 inches. Quadra-Lift is supported by four-corner air springs that present a cushioned, premium journey. The entrance springs are a modular spring-over-shock design, similar to a coil-over-shock design. Rear springs are stand-alone springs that aren’t integrated with the shock absorber. Quadra-Lift operates robotically, or could also be managed manually through console controls. It can perform unbiased of the Selec-Terrain system in accordance with driver choice. The Quadra-Lift system grew to become accessible on the Limited and Overland beginning in July 2010 and on Laredo fashions beginning in mid-October.


  • Full time 4 nook load leveling
  • Closed kind air suspension design ends in quick journey peak modifications
  • Ability to alter journey peak with the push of a button
  • Max floor clearance 10.7″
  • 4.1″ of whole journey
  • Improved off-road efficiency by growing floor clearance with 2 settings: Off-Road II is 2.6″ greater than regular journey peak (NRH) and Off-Road I is 1.3″ greater than NRH
  • Automatically lowers at freeway speeds to cut back drag leading to higher gasoline financial system (0.5″ decrease than NRH)
  • Park mode supplies lowers car for simpler entry & exit (1.5″ decrease than NRH)


NOTE: Auto Entry/Exit Suspension modeEarly 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee’s (constructed by late July 2013) outfitted with SER air suspension should not outfitted with the “auto entry/exit” function that may robotically drop the car to park peak for simpler entry and exit. Late 2014 automobiles might be outfitted (beginning with late July 2013 manufacturing). Vehicles which are outfitted with the function could have gross sales code xzz “mid yr monitoring” within the gross sales code checklist on the car construct sheet.

On automobiles outfitted with Auto Entry/Exit Suspension mode, the function might be turned on or off through Customer Programmable Features on the radio. Press the Apps soft-key, then press the Settings soft-key to show the menu setting display. Select the Suspension soft-key and contact the field subsequent to your choice and a check-mark seems subsequent to the function exhibiting the system has been activated or the check-mark is eliminated exhibiting the system has been deactivated.

Quadra-Lift Air Suspension settings

The Quadra-Lift system options 5 peak settings for optimum journey efficiency, every with its personal advantages.

– Normal (NRH)

The normal journey peak and is greatest for all-around driving situations. It provides 8.1 inches of clearance and supplies probably the most comfy stability of journey and dealing with. The car peak will change robotically from Off-Road 1 to Normal when car velocity exceeds 50 mph. The car peak will change robotically from Aero to Normal when car velocity drops beneath 25 mph, or when car velocity is lower than 60 mph and the consumer modifications the Selec-Terrain swap from “Sport” to “Automatic”.

– Off-Road 1 (OR1)

Provides 1.3 additional inches (9.4 inches of clearance) for off-roading, however permits a bit extra suspension consolation. This place supplies a very good stability between floor clearance and journey consolation. This place needs to be the default place for all off-road driving till OR2 is required. A smoother and extra comfy journey will outcome. Press the “Up” button as soon as from the NRH place whereas the car velocity is beneath 48 mph (77 km/h). When within the OR1 place, if the car velocity stays between 40 mph (64 km/h) and 50 mph (80 km/h) for better than 20 seconds or if the car velocity exceeds 50 mph (80 km/h), the car might be robotically lowered to NRH.

– Off-Road 2 (OR2)

Provides the utmost journey peak of two.6 additional inches (10.7 inches of floor clearance) for the best clearance over obstacles. This place additionally supplies the perfect method, departure, and breakover angles. To enter OR2, press the ‘Up’ button twice from the NRH place or as soon as from the OR1 place whereas car velocity is beneath 20 mph (32 km/h). While in OR2, if the car velocity exceeds 25 mph (40 km/h) the car peak might be robotically lowered to OR1.

– Aero

Lowers the car simply over a half inch to maximise aerodynamics and gasoline financial system at freeway speeds. This place additionally reduces physique roll and supplies a “sportier” really feel. The car will robotically enter Aero Mode when the car velocity stays between 62 mph (99 km/h) and 66 mph (106 km/h) for better than 20 seconds or if the car velocity exceeds 66 mph (106 km/h). The car will return to NRH from Aero Mode if the car velocity stays between 30 mph (48 km/h) and 35 mph (56 km/h) for better than 20 seconds or if the car velocity falls beneath 30 mph (48 km/h). The car will enter Aero Mode, no matter car velocity if the Selec-Terrain™ knob is turned to the “SPORT” place. Turning the Selec-Terrain™ knob to the “AUTO” place will return the system to regular operation.

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– Park

Lowers the whole car 1.5 inches beneath regular peak to make loading and unloading individuals or cargo a lot simpler. To enter Park Mode, press the “Down” button as soon as whereas the car velocity is beneath 25 mph (40 km/h). Once the car velocity goes beneath 15 mph (24 km/h) the car peak will start to decrease. If the car velocity stays between 15 mph (24 km/h) and 25 mph (40 km/h) for better than 60 seconds, or the car velocity exceeds 25 mph (40 km/h) the Park Mode change might be cancelled. To exit Park Mode, press the “Up” button as soon as whereas in Park Mode or drive the car over 15 mph (24 km/h).

The system additionally regularly screens passenger, cargo and trailer tongue weight and adjusts the air suspension robotically, to take care of a degree journey.

The Selec-Terrain™ swap will robotically change the car to the correct peak primarily based on the place of the Selec-Terrain™ swap. The peak might be modified from the default Selec-Terrain™ setting by regular use of the air suspension buttons. Refer to “Selec-Terrain™” in “Starting and Operating” for additional info.

The system requires that the engine be working for all modifications. When reducing the car all the doorways, together with the liftgate, have to be closed. If a door is opened at any time whereas the car is reducing the change won’t be accomplished till the open door(s) is closed.

The Quadra-Lift air suspension system makes use of a lifting and reducing sample which retains the headlights from incorrectly shining into oncoming visitors. When elevating the car, the rear of the car will transfer up first after which the entrance. When reducing the car, the entrance will transfer down first after which the rear.

After the engine is turned off, it might be seen that the air suspension system operates briefly, that is regular. The system is correcting the place of the car to make sure a correct look.

To help with altering a spare tire, the Quadra-Lift air suspension system has a function which permits the automated leveling to be disabled. Press and maintain each the “Up” and “Down” buttons concurrently between 5 and 10 seconds, a message will seem within the EVIC stating leveling has been disabled instantly after each buttons have been launched. Refer to “Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC)” in “Understanding Your Instrument Panel” for additional info. Driving the car over 5 mph (8 km/h) will return the air suspension to regular operation.


A closed system – as a result of it’s higher

Quadra-Lift is a closed system so changes are a lot sooner than different methods that should attract or exhaust air for operation. It is the primary SUV to make use of the newest air suspension expertise using a closed kind design.

The closed kind system doesn’t attract recent air throughout car lifting or leveling-up, or pump air out to the ambiance throughout reducing or leveling down. Instead it strikes saved pressurized air from the reservoir to the air springs and again once more.

Since the system’s compressor is working with pre-pressurized air, and never air at atmospheric stress, the compressor might be smaller which interprets into diminished energy consumption and weight in addition to improved NVH traits. Pressurized air is moved between the reservoir and the springs by the use of an air provide unit (ASU). The ASU consists of an air compressor and a valve block meeting that’s plumbed to the springs with a community of traces. The ASU valve block supplies six color-coded pneumatic connections to the system. Four connections distribute or retrieve air from every of the air springs. One connection is the inlet from the compressor, and the final connection exhausts the system. The ASU additionally comprises an consumption / exhaust meeting with filter, onboard desiccant, a reversing valve, a temperature sensor, and a stress sensor. It is vital to notice that the ASU just isn’t designed to fill an empty system. The ASU’s predominant perform is to pressurize and transfer air that’s already there.

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Front and rear peak sensors measure the space between the physique and suspension, and supply suggestions to the management system to continuously monitor car peak. The air suspension management module (ASCM) comprises the logic that controls journey peak throughout all driving and loading situations. The ASCM controls the ASU compressor and valve block, and is influenced by many different modules and methods. The powertrain management module (PCM), anti-lock brake system (ABS) management module, cabin compartment node (CCN), and drivetrain management module (DTCM) are all major inputs to the ASCM.

By working with pre-pressurized air, the closed air suspension system additionally supplies extra advantages to the client:

Reduced time to alter car peak

A considerably better variety of repeated lifts with out raise time deterioration

System efficiency that’s unaffected at greater altitudes when in comparison with an open kind air suspension

Here’s an instance of how the system features when lifting from Normal journey peak to Off-Road 2:

  • The car begins at Normal (NRH).
  • The driver requests the OR2 place by urgent the ‘Up’ button on the air suspension swap twice.
  • The EVIC shows and the LED standing modifications on the air suspension swap.
  • Using peak sensors, the system determines the car must be raised in an effort to obtain the correct peak on the 4 suspension corners.
  • It actuates the compressor and valve block, transferring air from the reservoir to the rear axle air springs.
  • Using the rear axle peak sensors, the system determines when the rear axle is on the appropriate intermediate peak and retains the compressor working however switches the valve block in order that air flows from the reservoir to the entrance axle air springs.
  • Using the entrance axle peak sensors, the system determines the entrance axle is on the appropriate intermediate peak.
  • The LED standing modifications.
  • The system retains compressor working however switches the valve block again once more, transferring air from the reservoir to the rear axle air springs.
  • Using the rear axle peak sensors, the system determines when the rear axle is on the appropriate last peak and retains the compressor working however switches the valve block in order that air flows from the reservoir to the entrance axle air springs.
  • Using the entrance axle peak sensors, the system determines the entrance axle is on the appropriate last peak and leveling is full.
  • The LED standing modifications and the EVIC message ‘Off Road journey peak Level 2’ is displayed.

The instance highlights the “camel kind” motion of the air suspension system. This means of alternating axles throughout lifting and reducing is meant to forestall “dazzling” oncoming motorists. This movement controls the angle the headlights are projected by controlling the pitch of the car, conserving them from going above their regular projection airplane. During lifting the car will at all times elevate the rear of the car earlier than elevating the entrance of the car and through reducing the car will at all times decrease the entrance of the car earlier than reducing the rear of the car.


Service points and knowledge


WARNING: All pressurized air suspension elements comprise excessive stress air (as much as 220 psig). Use excessive warning when inspecting for leaks. Wear security goggles and satisfactory protecting clothes when inspecting or servicing the air suspension system. A sudden launch of air underneath this quantity of stress could cause private harm or dying.



WARNING: Support the car by supplemental means earlier than performing any work on the air suspension system to forestall the car from altering peak. Before any given part is to be serviced it have to be deflated. Servicing the air suspension system with out supplemental assist, or with stress within the particular part, could cause private harm or dying.
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Air Suspension Over Temperature Message within the Electronic Vehicle Information Center – When the air suspension compressor has to run for a big time frame or the air suspension system is getting used so much by the driving force, the compressor might have to chill down. This is regular and shouldn’t require service. There are occasions when the system might want to make up a big quantity of air. This can happen with massive modifications in ambient air temperature or if service has been carried out on the system and misplaced air has not been changed.

A message might be displayed on the EVIC indicating the compressor is cooling down and there might be a diagnostic hassle code (DTC) set. The DTC within the ASCM module doesn’t essentially point out service is required. If the EVIC message and DTC happens usually, it might be a sign of a leak within the system.

Whether the air suspension system is working usually or has a system fault, the digital car info heart (EVIC) repeatedly shows standing messages to alert the proprietor or technician. During regular operation, there are 5 “degree achieved” messages that correspond to the 5 distinctive air suspension system heights – or modes.

The elevating or reducing icon seems when the system modifications from mode to mode. For instance, when altering from regular to the aerodynamic journey peak, the air suspension reducing icon shows till suggestions from the peak sensors signifies the aerodynamic journey peak is achieved. The “aerodynamic journey peak” message shows.

Additionally, there are a number of inputs to the air suspension management module that forestall the air suspension system from altering modes. Vehicle velocity that’s extreme or too low prevents sure modes from being achieved and a message shows. If doorways are open when the consumer requests to decrease the car, a message shows and the air suspension doesn’t decrease till the doorways are closed. Excessive air provide unittemperature additionally disables the air suspension system till the compressor cools right down to protected working ranges. And lastly, relying on the severity of the failure, one among two messages shows if a fault is detected by the air suspension management module.


Diagnosis and restore of the Grand Cherokee’s air suspension system could require using the wiTECH “system checks” tab to run applications that take a look at the system or to run one among many routines from the “miscellaneous features” tab that place the system right into a mode appropriate for service.

The first step in diagnosing air suspension system considerations is to cycle the system by its modes throughout a highway take a look at, whereas monitoring the EVIC for suggestions. If the highway take a look at signifies the system just isn’t working as designed, the wiTECH scan device utility is used to interrogate the air suspension management module. The ASCM operates on the CAN-C community and is displayed in wiTECH’s community topology display.

Before working underneath the car, it’s essential to disable the Quadra-Lift system to forestall unintended elevating or reducing of the suspension, which is a possible security concern. To quickly disable the Quadra-Lift system, press and maintain the suspension up and suspension down buttons concurrently for five to 10 seconds. A message seems within the EVIC indicating that the Quadra-Lift system has been disabled. This is one among many explanation why following service and diagnostic info is crucial.

Use of the scan device is instrumental within the analysis and restore of Quadra-Lift system considerations. There are a number of Quadra-Lift system checks and repair routines which are carried out utilizing the scan device. Many routines are useful instruments that may make diagnosing Quadra-Lift suspension considerations simpler. The scan device can also be wanted to organize the system for service or to regulate system settings after a restore has been made.

Refilling the System

If the air suspension system is absolutely depleted of air it may be refilled utilizing a scan device and Air Suspension Refill Tool – 10247 which is used with a nitrogen provide tank (might be acquired at an area fuel provider). The nitrogen have to be Purity Class 5 (99.999% pure). The dimension and quantity of the nitrogen provide tank will decide what number of air suspension methods might be stuffed.

For full diagnostics info, procedures and security warnings seek the advice of the manufacturing facility service handbook.


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