Jeep WK2 Grand Cherokee Exterior Colors 2011-2020

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The new 2011 Grand Cherokee is being launched with eight totally different exterior coloration decisions. New colours are Blackberry Pearl Coat, Dark Charcoal Pearl Coat, Natural Green Pearl Coat and White Gold Clear Coat. Three extra colours had been added later within the mannequin yr – Mineral Gray Metallic Clear Coat, Rugged Brown Pearl Coat and Bronze Star Pearl Coat.

Pearl Coat is a pigmented mineral coating that creates particular brilliance and shine by reflecting and refracting daylight, including a dramatic sparkle to the automobile end.

Clear Coat is a premium coating utilized over the colour coat and is specifically formulated to present optimum gloss and sturdiness, serving to to guard in opposition to dangerous environmental components.


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WK2 exterior colours 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Paint
Brush p/n
Spray p/n
 1. Blackberry Pearl Coat X HBV PBV 5163554AA 5163555AA
 2. Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl Coat X X X X X X AXR PXR 4889820AA 4889821AA
 3. Diamond Black Crystal Pearl Coat
(manufacturing begin 8/08/2016)
X X X X KXJ PXJ 68154436AB 68154436AB
 4. Dark Charcoal Pearl Coat X HAV PAV 5163546AA 5163547AA
 5. Inferno Red Crystal Pearl Coat X ARH PRH 4889836AA 4889837AA
 6. Redline 2 Pearl Coat
(SRT fashions solely)
X X X X X X JRM PRM 5163748AB 5163749AB
 7. Deep Cherry Red Crystal Pearl Coat X X X X JRP PRP 5163648AA 5163649AA
 8. Velvet Red Pearl Coat X X X X X NRV PRV 6102696AB 6102697AB
 9. Deep Auburn Pearl Coat
(Overland Summit fashions solely)
X KEP PEP 68154175AB 68154176AA
 10. Deep Molten Red Pearl Coat X BR8 PR8 4889868AA 4889869AA
 11. Natural Green Pearl Coat
(discontinued March 8, 2011)    (reinstated April 1, 2011)
X HGN PGN 5163544AA 5163545AA
 12. Black Forest Green Pearl
(manufacturing begin December 2011)
X X X KGZ PGZ 5163957AA 5163940AA
 13. Jeep Green Metallic Clear Coat X X PFQ 5163058AA 5163059AA
 14. Recon Green Pearl Coat
(seventy fifth Anniversary fashions solely, manufacturing begin March 01, 2016)
X X PGR PGR 6102904AA 6102905AA
 15. Bright White Clear Coat X X X X X X X X GW7 PW7 4889598AB 4889599AA
 16. Stone White Clear Coat
(discontinued March 2012)
X X SW1 PW1 4864104AB 4864105AB
 17. Ivory Tri-Coat Pearl
(Overland, Summit and SRT solely, manufacturing begin March 28, 2016)
X X X X X JWD PWD 5163838AB 5163839AB
 18. Bright Silver Metallic Clear Coat X X X WS2 PS2 5013709AA 5013710AA
 19. Billet Silver Metallic Clear Coat X X X X X X X JSC PSC 5163738AA 5163739AA
 20. Mineral Gray Metallic Clear Coat
(manufacturing begin November 2010) (also called Tungsten Metallic)
X X X CDM PDM 4889921AB 4889922AA
 21. Sting-Gray Clear Coat
(manufacturing begin November 2010) (also called Tungsten Metallic)
X X PDN 6102963AA 6102964AA
 22. Rhino Clear Coat (aka Bruiser Gray) (Trailhawk solely)
(manufacturing begin September 12, 2016)
X X MSQ PSQ 6102850AA 6102851AB
 23. Maximum Steel Metallic Clear Coat
(manufacturing begin December 2011, manufacturing finish June 20, 2016)
X X X X X KAR PAR 68154430AA 68154431AA
 24. Granite Crystal Metallic Clear Coat X X X X X X X LAU PAU 68183829AA 68183830AA
 25. Cashmere Pearl Coat X X KFS PFS 5163949AA 5163950AA
 26. Light Brownstone Pearl Coat
(manufacturing begin May 2, 2016, manufacturing finish 5/31/2016)
X HT6 PT6 6102860AA 6102861AA
 27. White Gold Clear Coat
(discontinued March 8, 2011)    (resinstated March 28, 2011)
(discontinued, order banks closed October 6, 2011)
X X HWL PWL 5163552AA 5163553AA
 28. Canyon Brown Pearl Coat (cancelled)
(Summit Edition solely, also called Saddle Brown Pearl and Blazing Saddle
(Originally scheduled for Sept. 2011, cancelled 8/30/2011 and changed with Rugged Brown)
JUS PUS 5163775AA 5163776AA
 29. Bronze Star Pearl Coat
(seventieth Anniversary fashions solely)
X JUK PUK 5163773AA 5163774AA
 30. Rugged Brown Pearl Coat
(Overland Summit Edition solely)
(manufacturing ends November 1, 2012)
X X X GTW PTW 5163556AA 5163557AA
 31. Luxury Brown Pearl Coat
(similar as Rugged Brown, manufacturing begin May 23, 2016)
X X GTW PTW 5163556AA 5163557AA
 32. Walnut Brown (aka Stout Brown)
(manufacturing begin September 12, 2016)
X X X X RUW PUW 6102965AA 6102966AA
 33. Winter Chill
(manufacturing begin December 2011)
(manufacturing ends November 1, 2012)
X X JBA PBA 5163941AA 5163942AA
 34. Sapphire Crystal Metallic Pearl Coat (aka Slate Blue) X X X X JBF PBF 5163655AA 5163656AA
 35. True Blue Pearl Coat
(out there beginning September 2011)
X X X X X X KBU PBU 5163947AA 5163948AA
 36. Sangria Metallic X X PHR 6103121AA 6103122AA
Clear topcoat 1-C 04443637 04443632
Corrosion Inhibitor 1-P 82300508 82300068
Primer/Filler 2-P 04443636 04443633
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