Jeep WK2 Grand Cherokee Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Battery

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The 2011 and up Grand Cherokees use a brand new Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) expertise battery. AGM batteries are the newest step within the evolution of lead-acid batteries. Instead of utilizing a gel, an AGM makes use of a fiberglass like separator to carry the electrolyte in place. This development may be very sturdy and capable of stand up to extreme shock and vibration and the cells is not going to leak even when the case is cracked. The AGM battery is a sealed unit that makes use of particular reduction valves to vent vapors from the battery. The electrolyte is saved in sponge like separators consisting of matted glass filters. This suspension will increase the effectivity of the charging and discharging charge of the battery. Continuous under-and overcharging is detrimental to this kind of battery, subsequently, voltage and present regulation are vital. AGM’s have a really low self-discharge charge of from 1% to three% per 30 days.

Battery location, entry and elimination

The battery is situated underneath the passenger seat. A breather line runs from the battery by means of the underside of the recess nicely to the surface of the car. Remote jump-start posts are situated underneath the hood to help in leap beginning.

Battery elimination:

1. Turn the ignition swap to the Off place. Be sure that every one electrical equipment are turned off.
2. If geared up with energy seats, transfer the seat to probably the most ahead and upright place. If geared up with handbook seats, transfer the seat to probably the most ahead place.
3. Remove the battery cowl.
4. Remove the detrimental battery cable from the battery.
5. Disconnect the constructive battery cable and place apart.
6. Remove the battery thermal blanket.
7. Remove the battery maintain down retainers and take away the battery maintain down.
8. Remove the battery from the car

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Battery charging

NOTE: Typical battery chargers ARE NOT SUITABLE because the voltage and present regulation ranges of typical battery chargers are unsafe for AGM batteries.

This battery has a most charging voltage that should not be exceeded to be able to restore the battery to its full potential, failure to make use of the next AGM battery charging process may end in harm to the battery or private harm.

Battery charging is the means by which the battery might be restored to its full voltage potential. A battery is fully-charged when:


  • Midtronics GR8-1220KIT-CHRY tester signifies battery is OK.
  • Open-circuit voltage of the battery is 12.65 volts or above.
  • Battery passes Load Test a number of instances.

WARNING: If the battery exhibits indicators of freezing, leaking, free posts or low electrolyte stage, don’t take a look at, assist-boost, or cost. The battery might arc internally and explode. Personal harm and/or car harm might outcome.

WARNING: Explosive hydrogen gasoline varieties in and across the battery. Do not smoke, use flame, or create sparks close to the battery. Personal harm and/or car harm might outcome.

WARNING: The battery incorporates corrosive supplies. Avoid contact with the pores and skin, eyes, or clothes. In the occasion of contact, flush with water and name a doctor instantly. Keep out of the attain of youngsters.

CAUTION: Always disconnect and isolate the battery detrimental cable earlier than charging a battery. Charge the battery immediately on the battery terminals. Do not exceed 14.4 volts whereas charging a battery.

CAUTION: The battery shouldn’t be scorching to the contact. If the battery feels scorching to the contact, flip off the charger and let the battery cool earlier than persevering with the charging operation. Damage to the battery might outcome.

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After the battery has been charged to 12.6 volts or higher, carry out a load take a look at to find out the battery cranking capability. If the battery passes a load take a look at, return the battery to service. If the battery fails a load take a look at, it’s defective and should be changed.

Clean and examine the battery maintain downs, nicely, terminals, posts, and high earlier than finishing battery service.


WARNING: Never exceed 14.4 volts when charging the Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) starter battery. Personal harm and/or battery harm might outcome.

The following process ought to be used to recharge a very discharged battery. Unless this process is correctly adopted, a great battery could also be needlessly changed.

1. Measure the voltage on the battery posts with a voltmeter, correct to 1/10 (0.10) volt. Refer to Battery Removal and Installation for entry directions. If the studying is under ten volts, the battery charging present shall be low. It may take a number of hours earlier than the battery accepts a present higher than a number of milliamperes. Such low present will not be detectable on the ammeters constructed into many battery chargers.

2. Disconnect and isolate the battery detrimental cable. Connect the Midtronics GR8-1220KIT-CHRY.

NOTE: Some battery chargers are geared up with polarity-sensing circuitry. This circuitry protects the battery charger and the battery from being broken if they’re improperly linked. If the battery state-of-charge is just too low for the polarity-sensing circuitry to detect, the battery charger is not going to function. This makes it seem that the battery is not going to settle for charging present. See the directions supplied by the producer of the battery charger for particulars on the way to bypass the polarity-sensing circuitry.

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3. Battery chargers fluctuate within the quantity of voltage and present they supply. The period of time required for a battery to just accept measurable charging present at numerous voltages is proven within the Charge Rate Table. If the charging present continues to be not measurable on the finish of the charging time, the battery is defective and should be changed. If the charging present is measurable through the charging time, the battery could also be good and the charging ought to be accomplished within the regular method.

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