Jeep WK Grand Cherokee Oil Change Indicator System (2008-up models)

By Jeep Experts

Welcome to the in-depth web page on the WK Generation Jeep Grand Cherokee oil change indicator system. Did we miss something? Please get in contact with us and inform us about it!

The oil change indicator system is being launched on most 2008 Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep fashions. This system shows a “Oil Change Required” or “Oil Change” message at acceptable intervals on the instrument cluster.

Schedules A and B have lengthy been part of required and really useful upkeep on Chrysler Group autos. One downside of utilizing these schedules is that prospects generally find yourself making a finest “guesstimate” of the right upkeep interval.

With the introduction of the Oil Change Indicator system, that’s going to vary – prospects are routinely notified through the cluster or EVIC that an oil change is required. In addition, the system does away with Schedules A and B and as an alternative combines each into easy-to-use lists and tables.

The Oil Change Indicator system makes use of the Powertrain Control Module to course of quite a lot of inputs after which decides on an oil change interval. The components which level towards extreme use embrace the next:

  • Ambient temperature inputs which point out prolonged intervals of low temperature operation
  • Average automobile speeds which point out stop-and-go driving
  • Run time which signifies extended idling
  • Trip lengths and coolant temperatures which point out brief journeys
  • Engine RPM and engine hundreds which point out trailer tow utilization
  • Fuel indications of an ethanol share of 60 p.c or larger

The system can not maintain observe of dusty circumstances or time elapsed because the final upkeep. In truth, it’s potential for the utmost allowable upkeep time interval to elapse with out an oil change reminder. In such a case, it’s the proprietor’s duty to make sure that upkeep is carried out based on the really useful interval.

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Based on the inputs, at a hard and fast variety of miles because the final reset, the Powertrain Control Module decides on the severity of the working circumstances. If a number of of the circumstances signifies extreme use, the PCM sends a message over the bus in order that the suitable message will be displayed. If the PCM decides that the conventional service interval applies, it waits till further mileage has amassed earlier than sending out the request for a message.

The EVIC message may embrace A dealership’s title and cellphone quantity, which will be programmed into the automobile with a scan software. However, the dealership should obtain the shopper’s approval earlier than including this info. Hitting the journey button will briefly finish the message, and it’ll reappear with the subsequent key cycle.

In addition to the oil change, the associated objects listed within the Service Information must also be carried out when service is indicated. All different objects will observe a single upkeep schedule with the identical calendar/mileage intervals it doesn’t matter what the oil change interval.

How to reset a service indicator

The oil change indicator will be reset utilizing the next steps:

1. Turn the ignition key to ON however don’t begin the engine.
2. Slowly depress the accelerator to the ground and launch it thrice inside 10 seconds.
3. Turn the ignition key to the OFF place.

Repeat the method if the indicator doesn’t reset.

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