Jeep WK Grand Cherokee HomeLink® Universal Transceiver Guide

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Welcome to the in-depth web page on the WK Generation Jeep Grand Cherokee HomeLink® common transceiver information. Did we miss something? Please get in contact with us and inform us about it!

The HomeLink® Universal Transceiver replaces as much as three distant controls (handheld transmitters) that function units comparable to storage door openers, motorized gates, or house lighting. It triggers these units on the push of a button. The Universal Transceiver operates off your automobile’s battery and charging system; no batteries are wanted.

In the 2005 Grand Cherokee, the HomeLink buttons are positioned within the overhead console. The console additionally comprises two studying lamps, storage for sun shades and elective energy sunroof switches. The Vehicle data middle, previously positioned within the overhead console, is now positioned inside the instrument cluster. HomeLink comes Standard on Limited fashions and is elective on the Laredo.

NOTE: The HomeLink Universal Transceiver is disabled when the Vehicle Theft Alarm is energetic.

For extra data on HomeLink, name 1-800 355-3515, or on the web at

Programming HomeLink

NOTE: When programming a storage door opener, it’s suggested to park exterior the storage. It can also be advisable {that a} new battery be positioned within the hand-held transmitter of the machine being programmed to HomeLink for faster coaching and correct transmission of the radio-frequency sign. The Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) encompasses a driver-interactive show which incorporates HomeLink system messages. The EVIC is positioned on the underside of the tachometer.


Vehicle exhaust comprises carbon monoxide, a harmful fuel. Do not run the automobile’s exhaust whereas coaching the transceiver. Exhaust fuel may cause critical damage or demise.

Your motorized door or gate will open and shut when you are coaching the Universal Transceiver. Do not practice the transceiver if folks or pets are within the path of the door or gate. A shifting door or gate may cause critical damage or demise to folks and pets or injury to things.

A shifting storage door may cause damage to folks and pets within the path of the door. People or pets might be significantly or fatally injured. Only use this transceiver with a storage door opener that has a “cease and reverse” characteristic as required by federal security requirements. This consists of most storage door opener fashions manufactured after 1982. Do not use a storage door opener with out these security options it may trigger damage or demise. Call toll-free 1—800—355—3515 or, on the Internet at for security data or help.

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1. Press and maintain the 2 outer HomeLink buttons, and launch solely when the EVIC show exhibits “CHANNELS CLEARED” (after 20 seconds). Do not maintain the buttons for longer than 30 seconds and don’t repeat the first step to program a second and/or third hand-held transmitter to the remaining two HomeLink buttons.

2. Position the top of your hand-held transmitter 1-3 inches (3-8 cm) away from the HomeLink buttons.

3. Simultaneously press and maintain each the HomeLink button that you just need to practice and the hand-held transmitter buttons. Do not launch the buttons till step 4 has been accomplished.

NOTE: Some gate operators and storage door openers could require you to interchange this Programming Step 3 with procedures famous within the “Canadian Programming” part beneath.

4. The EVIC show will present “CHANNEL X TRAINING” (the place X is Channel 1, 2, or 3). Release each buttons after the EVIC show exhibits “CHANNEL X TRAINED.”

NOTE: If the EVIC show exhibits “DID NOT TRAIN” repeat steps 2-4.

5. Press and maintain the simply educated HomeLink button and observe the EVIC show. If the EVIC show exhibits “CHANNEL X TRANSMIT” (the place X is Channel 1, 2, or 3), programming is full and your machine ought to activate when the HomeLink button is pressed and launched.

NOTE: To program the remaining two HomeLink but-tons, start with “Programming” step two. Do not repeat the first step.

NOTE: If your hand-held transmitter seems to pro-gram the common transceiver, however your storage door doesn’t function utilizing the transmitter and your storage door opener was manufactured after 1995, your storage door opener could have a a number of safety code system (rolling code system). Please proceed to steps 6—8 to finish the programming of a rolling code geared up machine (commonest storage door openers require this step.

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6. At the storage door opener receiver (motor-head unit) within the storage, find the “be taught” or “sensible” button. This can often be discovered the place the hanging antenna wire is connected to the motor-head unit.

7. Firmly press and launch the “be taught” or “sensible” button. (The identify and colour of the button could fluctuate by producer.)

NOTE: There are 30 seconds wherein to provoke step eight.

8. Return to the automobile and firmly press, maintain for 2 seconds and launch the programmed HomeLink button. Repeat the “press/maintain/launch” sequence a second time, and, relying on the model of the storage door opener (or different rolling code geared up machine), repeat this sequence a 3rd time to finish the programming. HomeLink ought to now activate your rolling code geared up machine.

NOTE: To program the remaining two HomeLink buttons, start with “Programming” step two. Do not repeat the first step. For questions or feedback, please contact HomeLink at or 1-800-355-3515.

NOTE: If programming a storage door opener or gate operator, it’s suggested to unplug the machine throughout the “biking” course of to stop potential overheating.

Canadian programming

Canadian Programming/Gate Programming Canadian radio-frequency legal guidelines require transmitter alerts to “time-out” (or stop) after a number of seconds of transmission which will not be lengthy sufficient for HomeLink to choose up the sign throughout programming. Similar to this Canadian regulation, some U.S. gate operators are designed to “time-out” in the identical method.

If you reside in Canada or you might be having difficulties programming a gate operator by utilizing the “Programming” procedures (no matter the place you reside), exchange “Programming HomeLink” step 3 with the next:

Canada step 3. Continue to press and maintain the HomeLink button whilst you press and launch each two seconds (“cycle”) your hand-held transmitter till the frequency sign has efficiently been accepted by HomeLink. The EVIC show will present “CHANNEL X TRAINED” (the place X is Channel 1, 2, or 3). Proceed with “Programming” step 4 to finish.

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Using HomeLink

To function, merely press and launch the programmed HomeLink button. Activation will now happen for the educated machine (i.e. storage door opener, gate operator, safety system, entry door lock, house/workplace lighting, and so forth.). For comfort, the hand-held transmitter of the machine can also be used at any time. In the occasion that there are nonetheless programming difficulties or questions, contact HomeLink at: or 1-800-355-3515.

Erasing HomeLink Buttons

To erase programming from the three buttons (particular person buttons can’t be erased however could be “reprogrammed” – observe beneath), observe the step famous:

Press and maintain the 2 outer HomeLink buttons and launch solely when the EVIC show exhibits “CHANNELS CLEARED” (after 20 seconds). Release each buttons. Do not maintain for longer that 30 seconds. HomeLink is now within the practice (or studying) mode and could be programmed at any time starting with “Programming” – Step 2.

Reprogramming a Single HomeLink Button

To program a tool to HomeLink utilizing a HomeLink button beforehand educated, observe these steps:

1. Press and maintain the specified HomeLink button. Do NOT launch the button.

2. The EVIC show will present “CHANNEL X TRANSMIT” (the place X is Channel 1, 2, or 3) for 20 seconds after which change to “CHANNEL X TRAINING.” Without releasing the HomeLink button, proceed with “Programming” Step 2.

For questions or feedback, contact HomeLink at: or 1-800-355-3515.


If you promote your automobile, make sure you erase the frequencies by following the “Erasing HomeLink Buttons” directions on this part .

This machine complies with half 15 of FCC guidelines and with RSS-210 of Industry Canada. Operation is topic to the next circumstances:

This machine could not trigger dangerous interference.

This machine should settle for any interference that could be obtained together with interference that will trigger undesired operation.

NOTE: Changes or modifications not expressly authorized by the occasion answerable for compliance may void the consumer’s authority to function the tools.

HomeLink appropriate merchandise

There are a lot of HomeLink appropriate merchandise out in the marketplace, together with house and workplace lighting, electrical gates, safety methods, entry door locks and small home equipment. Manufacturers embody Radio Shack, Sears, Titan Locks, ITI Security and Chamberlain. HomeLink® is owned by Johnson Controls. All Rights Reserved.

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