Jeep WK Grand Cherokee Engine Block Heaters

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An optionally available engine block heater is offered within the Grand Cherokee (commonplace gear in Canada). The heater is supplied with an influence twine. The twine is connected to an engine compartment part with tie-straps. The heater warms the engine offering simpler engine beginning and quicker warm-up in low temperatures. On the three.7L and 4.7L engines the heater is mounted in a core gap of the appropriate facet of the engine cylinder block, rather than a freeze plug with the heating ingredient immersed in engine coolant.

The 5.7L/6.1L engines have the block heater positioned on the left facet of the engine under the exhaust manifold within the rear of the engine. It isn’t immersed in engine coolant however makes direct contact with the block.

Connecting the ability twine to a grounded 110-120 volt AC electrical outlet with a grounded, three wire extension twine prompts the heating ingredient warming the engine coolant.

If the unit doesn’t function, potential causes might be both the ability twine or the heater ingredient. Test the ability twine for continuity with a 110-volt voltmeter or 110-volt check gentle. Test heater ingredient continuity with an ohmmeter or a 12-volt check gentle.

Mopar engine block heater kits

Engine Block Heaters preserve the engine heat for simpler beginning and faster warm-up. Features embrace particular plug-in wiring designed for every software and is identical because the manufacturing heaters. Depending on engine dimension, 450 to 600 Watt heaters.

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Engine Block Heater – 3.7L V6 and 4.7L V8. Mopar p/n 82203640AB MSRP $41.75

Engine Block Heater – 5.7L, 6.1L* V8 HEMI. Mopar p/n 82208937 MSRP $84.70

*Adding a block heater to a 6.1L engine is a considerably tough course of as a result of restricted quantity of room to work with within the mounting space. Installation would require grinding down the cylinder finish of the block heater (beveling it across the edge) to get it into the engine block mounting gap. If the heater cylinder was simply 1/8″ or so shorter, set up could be a snap. Access is finest by way of the driving force facet wheelwell.

Installation Instructions (PDF)

3.7L / 4.7L Engine Block Heater Installation

WARNING: Do not function engine except block heater twine has been disconnected from energy supply and secured in place. The energy twine have to be secured in its retaining clips and routed away from exhaust manifolds and transferring elements.


Engine block heater, Jeep SRT8 6.1L. View from fenderwell.


6.1L Engine block heater, wire routing.

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