Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Side Curtain Air Bags

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Optional facet curtain airbags are new for the 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The airbags are passive, inflatable, Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) elements, and autos with this selection may be readily recognized by a molded identification trim button with the “SRS – AIRBAG” brand situated on the headliner above every B-pillar. This system is designed to scale back accidents to the automobile occupants within the occasion of a facet affect collision.

Vehicles geared up with facet curtain airbags have two individually managed curtain airbag items. These airbag items are hid and mounted above the headliner the place they’re every secured to one of many roof facet rails. Each folded airbag cushion is contained inside an extended extruded plastic channel that extends alongside the roof rail from the A-pillar on the entrance of the automobile to only behind the C-pillar on the rear of the automobile. One tether extends down the A-pillar from the entrance of the airbag cushion, and a second tether extends to the roof rail above the D-pillar. The ends of those tethers are secured to slots within the sheet steel with steel hooks retained by plastic anchor clips.

The sensors are mounted to the underside of the suitable and left B-pillars slightly below the entrance seat belt retractors and behind the decrease B-pillar trim contained in the passenger compartment. There is one on either side. They are digital accelerometers that sense the speed of auto deceleration, which supplies verification of the path and severity of the affect. There can be a bidirectional safing sensor within the Airbag management module that communicates with the facet sensors.

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The hybrid-type inflator for every airbag is secured to the roof rail on the rear of the airbag unit between the C-pillar and the D-pillar, and is related to the airbag cushion by an extended tubular manifold. The inflator bracket and the extruded airbag cushion channel are secured with each plastic push-in fasteners and screws to the roof rail. A devoted two-wire take out and connector of the physique wire harness is routed ahead from the D-pillar to the airbag inflator.

The facet curtain airbag unit can’t be adjusted or repaired and should be changed if deployed, defective, or in any approach broken. Once a facet curtain airbag has been deployed, the whole airbag unit, the headliner, the higher A, B, and C-pillar trim, and all different visibly broken elements should be changed.


Each facet curtain airbag is deployed individually by {an electrical} sign generated by the Airbag Control Module (ACM) to which it’s related by way of left or proper curtain airbag line 1 and line 2 (or squib) circuits. The hybrid-type inflator meeting for every airbag incorporates a small canister of extremely compressed fuel. When the ACM sends the correct electrical sign to the airbag inflator, {the electrical} power creates sufficient warmth to ignite chemical pellets inside the inflator. Once ignited, these chemical substances burn quickly and produce the stress essential to rupture a containment disk within the pressurized fuel canister. The inflator and fuel canister are sealed and related to a tubular manifold in order that the entire launched inert fuel is directed into the folded facet curtain airbag cushion, inflicting the cushion to inflate.

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As the airbag cushion inflates it’s going to drop down from the roof rail between the sting of the headliner and the facet glass/physique pillars to kind a curtain-like cushion to guard the automobile occupants throughout a facet affect collision. The entrance and rear tethers hold the facet curtain bag taut, thus making certain that the bag will deploy within the correct place. Following the airbag deployment, the airbag cushion shortly deflates by venting the inert fuel by way of the unfastened weave of the cushion cloth, and the deflated cushion hangs down loosely from the roof rail.

Side curtain airbag elements and airbag inflator system.

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