Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Serpentine Belts

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Under regular use, the serpentine drive belt ought to be inspected at round 45,000 miles or after 3-4 years of service. If not changed presently, the belt ought to be checked every further 12 months or 15,000 miles. Under extreme and off-road circumstances examine the belt yearly. When diagnosing serpentine drive belts, small cracks that run throughout ribbed floor of belt from rib to rib are thought of regular. These will not be a motive to exchange the belt. However, cracks operating lengthwise alongside a rib (not throughout) will not be regular. Any belt with cracks operating lengthwise alongside a rib ought to be changed. Also exchange the belt if it has extreme put on, frayed cords or extreme glazing.

Warning: Spring tensioners shouldn’t be disassembled due to excessive spring stress. The tensioner unit is serviced as an meeting.

4.0 I-6 Engine:

4.0 Engine belt routing and tensioner launch location

4.7 V-8 Engine:

4.7 Engine belt routing and tensioner launch location


Belt elimination and alternative:

NOTE: If something differs between the photographs proven above and the Belt Routing Label (situated within the engine compartment), use the schematic on the Routing Label.


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1. Disconnect unfavorable battery cable from battery.

2. Using a 15mm socket wrench (1/2″ drive breaker bar or ratchet for the 4.0), rotate belt tensioner clockwise till it contacts its cease. Remove belt, then slowly rotate the tensioner into the freearm cease place.

3. Install new belt. Route the belt round all pulleys besides the loafer pulley. Rotate the tensioner arm clockwise till it contacts its cease place. Route the belt across the loafer and slowly let the tensioner rotate into the belt. Make positive the belt is seated onto all pulleys. Inspect the complete belt path to ensure it’s seated appropriately on the pulleys.

4. With the drive belt put in, examine the belt put on indicator (see diagram under):

On 4.7L engines, the tensioner is provided with an indexing tang on again of tensioner and an indexing cease on tensioner housing. If a brand new belt is being put in, tang have to be inside roughly 24 mm (.94 inches) of indexing cease. Belt is taken into account new if it has been used quarter-hour or much less.

On 4.0L Engines, the indicator mark have to be between the minimal and most marks. The tensioner arm has three marks. Upon set up of a brand new belt, the double line marks shut to one another ought to be very near the mark on the bottom. The belt ought to be changed if the one line mark traces up with the mark on the bottom.


Serpentine belts

Engine Part # Model Year MSRP
4.0L P/N 4854033
outdated by:
P/N 4854033AB
1999-2004 $65.50
4.7L P/N 53032037AC
outdated by:
P/N 53032037AI
outdated by:
P/N 53032037AK
outdated by:
P/N 5135745AA
1999-2003 $62.35
4.7L P/N 53032037AJ
outdated by:
P/N 53013905AA
2004 $28.70
Belt tensioner meeting
Note: Replace belt when changing tensioner
4.0L P/N 4854089AB(Tighten bolt to 250 in. lbs. (28 N·m) 1999-2004 $102.00
4.7L P/N 53030958
outdated by:
P/N 53030958AC(Tighten bolt to 30 ft. lbs. (41 N·m)
1999-2004 $66.70
Part numbers in daring are the really useful and/or newest half accessible
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(Note: costs listed are for reference functions solely and will differ by seller. MSRP costs are present as of April 2014. Parts will not be accessible from this website)

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