Jeep WJ Grand Cherokee Overhead Console And EVIC

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Welcome to the in-depth web page on WJ Generation Jeep Grand Cherokee overhead console and EVIC system. We have organized as a lot data as we might discover right into a useful article under. Is one thing incorrect or lacking? Please get in contact with us and we’ll repair it!

The Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) is situated within the overhead console on fashions outfitted with this feature. Three variations of the EVIC module can be found on the Grand Cherokee. These three variations are equivalent besides that some fashions embody an integral three-push button common transmitter transceiver (“Homelink®”) and/or Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). All three EVIC modules characteristic a big Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) display screen for displaying data, and back-lit push button operate switches labeled C/T (compass/temperature), RESET, STEP, and MENU. The VFD display screen also can show a automobile graphic that’s used for door and liftgate open indications and to point out if a flip sign has been left on. The EVIC messages and shows are coordinated with warning indicators within the instrument cluster to keep away from duplication.

The EVIC module contains the next show choices:

  • Compass and Temperature – offers the surface temperature and one among eight compass readings to point the course the automobile is dealing with.
  • Average gasoline economic system – exhibits the typical gasoline economic system for the reason that final journey laptop reset.
  • Distance to empty – exhibits the estimated distance that may be travelled with the gasoline remaining within the gasoline tank. This estimated distance is computed utilizing the typical miles-per-gallon from the final 30 gallons of gasoline used.
  • Instant gasoline economic system – exhibits the current gasoline economic system primarily based upon the present automobile distance and gasoline used data.
    (NOTE: The “Instant Fuel Economy” characteristic was deleted beginning with 2003 fashions.)
  • Trip distance – exhibits the space travelled for the reason that final journey laptop reset.
  • Elapsed time – exhibits the amassed ignition-on time for the reason that final journey laptop reset.
  • Distance to service – exhibits the space remaining till the subsequent scheduled service interval.
  • Tire Pressure – exhibits the tire strain in every tire.
    (NOTE: A “4-Tire” economic system system was launched beginning with 2003 fashions).
  • Blank display screen – the EVIC compass/temperature/ journey laptop VFD is turned off.

The EVIC is able to displaying the next alert messages, that are accompanied by an audible announcement consisting of a collection of beeps:

  • TURN SIGNALS ON (with automobile graphic) Indicates {that a} flip sign has remained on for about one mile).
  • PERFORM SERVICE – Indicates {that a} buyer programmable service interval distance has been reached.
  • DOOR OPEN (a number of, with automobile graphic) – Indicates {that a} door is open or not totally closed.
  • LIFTGATE OPEN (with automobile graphic) Indicates that the liftgate is open or not totally closed.
  • LIFTGLASS OPEN (with automobile graphic) Indicates that the liftglass is open or not totally closed.
  • COOLANT LEVEL LOW (with automobile graphic) – Indicates that the coolant degree within the engine coolant reservoir is low.
  • XX LOW PRESSURE (with automobile graphic) – Indicates that the air strain within the chosen tire is low.
  • WASHER FLUID LOW (with automobile graphic) – Indicates that the fluid degree within the washer fluid reservoir is low.
  • The EVIC “Menu” push button offers the automobile operator with a person interface, which permits the collection of a number of elective buyer programmable digital options to swimsuit particular person preferences.

If the automobile is provided with the elective reminiscence system, the EVIC will show the next reminiscence system messages:

  • MEMORY #X POSITION SET (X = Driver 1 or Driver 2) – This message seems within the EVIC show every time the reminiscence system is efficiently programmed. It is accompanied by an audible announcement chime tone.
  • MEMORY SYSTEM DISABLED – The reminiscence system is routinely disabled whereas the driving force aspect seat belt is fixed and/or whereas the automated transmission gear selector is in any place besides Park or Neutral. This message seems within the EVIC show as a reminder when a reminiscence swap push button is depressed whereas the reminiscence system is disabled. If the REMOTE LINKED TO MEMORY buyer programmable characteristic has been chosen, this message can even seem when the Unlock button of the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter is depressed whereas the reminiscence system is disabled.
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If the automobile is provided with the elective common transmitter transceiver (HomeLink), the EVIC can even display-messages and an icon indicating when the Universal Transmitter is being skilled, which of the three transmitter buttons is transmitting, and when the transceiver is cleared. See Homelink for extra data on this characteristic.

If the automobile is provided with the elective Tire Pressure Monitor System, the EVIC can even show messages and an icon indicating when the tire air strain falls under a given set-point, and which of the 5 tires is transmitting the low strain warning, and when the situation is cleared.

Data enter for all EVIC capabilities, together with VFD dimming degree, is acquired via PCI information bus messages. The EVIC module makes use of its inside programming and all of its information inputs to calculate and show the requested information.

EVIC module entrance view                                                                              EVIC module circuit board


The EVIC module meeting can’t be repaired, and is accessible for service solely as a unit. This unit contains the push button switches and the plastic housing (however not the show lens), as proven above. If any of those elements are defective or broken, the whole EVIC module should be changed. The 4 incandescent bulbs used for EVIC push button backlighting and the entrance show lens can be found for separate substitute.The picture above proper exhibits the second of three completely different variations of the EVIC module circuit boards, this one containing the HomeLink transmitter circuitry. The third model provides the Tire Pressure Monitor System elements.

Upgrading your WJ Grand Cherokee EVIC

Vehicles with the fundamental EVIC module might be simply upgraded so as to add the Homelink common storage door transmitter and/or the Tire Pressure Monitor system (TPMS) by merely exchanging modules. No rewiring or different modifications are required when exchanging overhead consoles and EVIC’s between Grand Cherokee WJ fashions (1999-2004). The TPMS requires the set up of 5 valve stem/wheel transmitters along with the module. See the Tire Pressure Monitor System part for detailed data on upgrading EVIC modules and including the TPMS.Jeep LibertyThe overhead consoles from Grand Cherokee’s have been a well-liked merchandise to put in in different Chrysler automobiles, notably the Jeep Liberty. Many “KJ” house owners have put in/upgraded WJ overhead consoles and EVIC modules into their automobiles. For extra data on these installations see Installing an OTIS / EVIC into a KJ  by Anthony (LibertyKJ)

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WJ Grand Cherokee EVIC modules

Note: There are 3 completely different ranges of modules produced for the WJ. Programming variations and adjustments are additionally famous the place identified. In some instances, solely essentially the most present modules can be found from Chrysler, others could also be discontinued as quickly as a brand new revision or change turns into accessible. Some modules might cross over between mannequin years.

Type 1999-2000 2001 2002 2003* 2004
Basic 56042273AB
outmoded by:56042273AC
MSRP: $384.00
MSRP: $259.00
outmoded by:56042754AB
MSRP: $259.00
MSRP: $304.00
outmoded by:56042754AF
MSRP: $359.00
MSRP: $409.00
outmoded by:56042754AH
MSRP: $425.00
(February 2003)
MSRP: $619.00
With Homelink 56042271AB
MSRP: $429.00
outmoded by:56042271AC
MSRP: $429.00
outmoded by:56042271AD
MSRP: $525.00
MSRP: $417.00
outmoded by:56042749AB
MSRP: $367.00
MSRP: $299.00
outmoded by:56042749AF
MSRP: $367.00
MSRP: $425.00
outmoded by:56042749AH
MSRP: $367.00
MSRP: $619.00
(February 2003)
With Homelink and TPMS N/A
(might be retrofitted)
(might be retrofitted)
(July 2001)
MSRP: $409.00

(January 2002)
MSRP: $409.00

MSRP: $409.00
(February 2003)
MSRP: $645.00
* Starting with 2003 mannequin yr manufacturing, the “Instant MPG” characteristic was deleted on all modules. For those who need that characteristic, search for modules issued in 2002, marked in pink textual content within the chart.** “AG” collection (January 2002) and newer modules are programmed with both the 4-tire system or the 5-tire system. The 4-tire system modules might be programmed by the supplier to activate the fifth spare tire bit. Typically, base WJ fashions with steel-wheel spare tires featured the 4-tire system whereas higher trim traces with aluminum wheel spares got here with the 5-tire system.

(Prices listed are for reference functions solely and should differ by supplier. Parts usually are not accessible from this site. Prices present as of October 2008)

Removing the overhead console and EVIC

The console is held in place with one phillips head screw and two spring clips

1. Remove phillips screw. The screw is situated close to the windshield aspect, and ought to be eliminated with a non-magnetic screwdriver (to keep away from interference with the compass).

2. Grab the console from the perimeters, wedging your fingers beneath it. Carefully and firmly pry it straight down. Slightly rocking it forwards and backwards whereas pulling downward makes it simpler. The EVIC module meeting might be eliminated with out unhooking the courtesy gentle or sunroof wiring. It is hooked up with 4 phillips screws and has one wiring harness.

3. To utterly take away the overhead console, disconnect the EVIC harness, courtesy gentle harness, and the sunroof swap connector (if outfitted).

WJ Overhead console EVIC wiring

Above left, overhead console with EVIC, studying lights and sunroof swap. The middle picture exhibits the again of the console. The EVIC module is hooked up to the rear with 4 screws. The close-up picture at far proper exhibits intimately the twin studying lights, sunroof swap (if outfitted) and related wiring.

EVIC wiring harness

Wiring connector for the EVIC module

Adding an overhead console/EVIC to a Chrysler automobile that didn’t include one from the manufacturing facility requires the harness connector and wiring for the EVIC module to be connected. The harness used for the Grand Cherokee can solely be bought from Jeep as a part of a really giant automobile harness costing a pair hundred {dollars} or extra. Sometimes simply the precise connector with just a few inches of wire might be obtained at a junk yard however they’re normally somewhat troublesome to search out.

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The greatest various, though costly at round $40, is to order an overhead wiring harness from a Dodge Intrepid. It’s a fairly giant harness and all you’ll use is the 6-pin connector department and a size of its wiring. By unraveling the taped harness you possibly can minimize the connector off with solely about 26 inches of wire earlier than you run into manufacturing facility splices/branches. Since that is in fact too quick, you possibly can both add your personal extensions or do what I did for an set up, I discovered about 5 toes of the identical 4 wire colours additional forward within the harness and soldered these to the 26″ part I had, ensuing within the connector having 7 toes of wiring, sufficient to run from the overhead, throughout the headliner, down the ‘A’ pillar and beneath the sprint.

Intrepid overhead wiring harness: P/N 4760108AH MSRP: $44.00.

Dodge Intrepid overhead harness                                                  Customized EVIC harness

Sunroof swap wiring pinouts

EVIC take a look at modes

Self take a look at mode:

1. Ignition off
2. Press and maintain each the C/T and Reset buttons
3. Turn ignition to “On”
4. Release buttons after you see the software program revision seem on the show

5. Following completion of those assessments, the EVIC will show one of many following messages:

  • Pass Self Test
    Momentarily depress the Reset button to return to the compass/laptop show mode. The EVIC is working correctly.
  • Failed Self Test
    The EVIC module has a failure. The EVIC module is defective and should changed.
  • Not Receiving J1850 Message
    The EVIC just isn’t receiving correct message enter from the PCI information bus. This may end up from another defective digital modules within the automobile, or a defective PCI information bus. The use of a DRB scan and the correct Diagnostic Procedures handbook required for additional analysis.

Compass Engineering Mode:

While within the compass/temperature show, press and maintain the C/T button for 10-15 seconds. The compass will swap to the “Compass Engineering Mode”. This will show the uncooked angle at which you might be travelling, in levels. This mode wouldn’t be of nice use on the freeway (the undamped readout makes wild swings when passing vehicles, bridges, and so on.) nevertheless it could be of some use off-road when attempting to correlate your location to a place on a topo map.

DRBIII take a look at mode:

1. Select “Body”, “VIC”, “Sys take a look at” after which “Self take a look at”.

DRB bit data:


Message as follows: D3, 01, Byte 1, Byte 2, Byte 3, CRC.
Byte 1:Bits 0-1

RKE unlock doorways
01 = Driver door first
02 = All doorways first

Bits 2-3

Rolling door locks
00 = no change
01 = toggle on/off

Bits 4-5

Headlamps on with wipers
00 = no change
01 = toggle on/off

Bits 6-7

Horn Chirp
01 = allow
02 = disable

Byte 2:Bits 0-1

Optical Chirp (flash lights)
00 = no change
01 = toggle on/off

Bits 2-3

Headlamp delay
00 = no change
01 = 30 seconds
02 =60 secs
03 = 90 secs

Bits 4-5

Headlamp delay
00 = no change
01 = toggle on/off

Bits 6-7

Easy exit seat
00 = no change
01 = toggle on/off

Byte 3:Bits 0-1

Remote coaching
00 = no change
01 = distant prepare initiated
02 = exit distant prepare

Bits 2-3

RKE linked to reminiscence
00 = no change
01 = toggle on/off

Bits 4-5

Auto unlock on exit
00 = no change
01 = toggle on/off

Bits 6-7

Low Fuel Chime
00 = no change
01 = toggle on/off

See the Tire Pressure Monitor System part for detailed data on upgrading EVIC modules and including the TPMS.


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