Jeep Sentry Key® Immobilizer System (SKIS)

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Beginning in 1998, chosen Chrysler merchandise started rolling off the meeting traces with a brand new superior safety system often known as the Sentry Key Immobilizer System (SKIS). Most WJ Grand Cherokees are geared up with this function. When you try to start out a automobile with this function, the onboard laptop sends out a RF sign that’s learn up by the digital transponder chip embedded in the important thing. The transponder then returns a novel sign again to the automobile’s laptop, giving it the okay for the automobile to start out and proceed to run. This all occurs in beneath a second, and is totally clear to the automobile driver. For extra safety, two pre-programmed keys are wanted with the intention to register extra keys into the system. In the occasion of the lack of all keys, particular programming tools is required to register new keys into the system.

It is extremely beneficial that you just get a spare third key made and programmed to your Jeep. It’s a good suggestion to do that when you nonetheless have your two authentic keys. If you had been to ever lose a kind of keys, it’s much more costlier to have a alternative made as you could go to the supplier or a specialty locksmith to have the programming achieved. With your personal pair of authentic keys, you possibly can simply program a brand new key your self.

The Sentry Key Immobilizer Module (SKIM) could be programmed to acknowledge as much as a complete of eight Sentry Keys. There are two attainable strategies to program the SKIM to acknowledge a brand new or extra legitimate key, the Customer Learn Method and the dealer-performed Secured Access Method. The Customer Learn programming function is offered solely on U.S. autos and is detailed beneath. Note that when a Sentry Key has been programmed as a legitimate key to a given automobile, it can’t be programmed as a legitimate key to be used on every other automobile.

Blank keys could be usually discovered from a number of completely different distributors on the Ebay public sale web site for round $20 plus delivery. Any key store or ironmongery store can lower the keys.

Programing Sentry keys:

1. Dealer-Programming extra Sentry Keys (requires ONE authentic key)

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In conditions the place just one secret is obtainable, keys have to be programmed by the supplier by way of the Secured Access Method. The Secured Access technique applies to all autos. This technique requires using a DRBIIIt scan device and also will require that you’ve entry to the distinctive four-digit PIN code that was assigned to the unique SKIM. The PIN code have to be used to enter the Secured Access Mode within the SKIM. This PIN quantity could also be obtained from the automobile proprietor, from the unique automobile bill, or from the DaimlerChrysler Customer Center. Refer to the suitable diagnostic info for the correct Secured Access technique programming procedures.

2. Self-Programming extra Sentry Keys (requires TWO authentic keys)

“A” by “G” beneath is a fast abstract of the steps which can be required for programming. Following this listing, “1” by “6” takes you thru the identical course of in better element.
Quick Steps:

A. Purchase a clean key and have it lower
B. Insert authentic key #1 into ignition and switch to On
C. Wait 5 seconds and switch key to off
D. Immediately insert authentic key # 2 into ignition and switch to on
E. Wait 10 seconds for SKIS indicator in sprint begins to flash
F. Turn ignition off, insert new clean key and switch ignition again on
G. Once SKIS gentle stops flashing and turns off, your new secret is programmed

Detailed steps:
(1) The first step after all is to accumulate a clean transponder key. These could be bought out of your Jeep supplier or purchased on-line. Online costs are often round $20.00. You can then take the clean key together with certainly one of your authentic keys to any key maker or locksmith and have it lower to match, identical to with every other key.
(2) Insert one of many two legitimate Sentry Keys into the ignition change and switch the ignition change to the On place.
(3) After the ignition change has been within the On place for longer than three seconds, however not more than fifteen seconds, cycle the ignition change again to the Off place. Replace the primary legitimate Sentry Key within the ignition change lock cylinder with the second legitimate Sentry Key and switch the ignition change again to the On place. The second legitimate Sentry Key have to be inserted within the lock cylinder inside fifteen seconds of eradicating the primary legitimate key.

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(4) About ten seconds after the completion of Step 3, the SKIS indicator within the instrument cluster will begin to flash and a single audible chime tone will sound to point that the system has entered the Customer Learn programming mode.

(5) Within sixty seconds of coming into the Customer Learn programming mode, flip the ignition change to the Off place, change the legitimate Sentry Key with a clean Sentry Key transponder, and switch the ignition change again to the On place.

(6) About ten seconds after the completion of Step 5, a single audible chime tone will sound and the SKIS indicator will cease flashing, keep on stable for 3 seconds, then flip off to point that the clean Sentry Key has been efficiently programmed. The SKIS will instantly exit the Customer Learn programming mode and the automobile might now be began utilizing the newly programmed legitimate Sentry Key.

Each of those steps have to be repeated and accomplished of their entirety for every extra Sentry Key that’s to be programmed. If the above steps will not be accomplished within the given sequence, or throughout the allotted time, the SKIS will exit the Customer Learn programming mode and the programming might be unsuccessful. The SKIS will even mechanically exit the Customer Learn programming mode if it sees a non-blank Sentry Key transponder when it ought to see a clean, if it has already programmed eight (8) legitimate Sentry Keys, or if the ignition change is turned to the Off place for greater than about fifty seconds.

NOTE: If an try is made to start out the automobile whereas within the Customer Learn mode (SKIS indicator flashing), the SKIS will reply as if the automobile had been being began with an invalid key. In different phrases, the engine will stall after about two seconds of operation.

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NOTE: Once a Sentry Key has been programmed as a legitimate key to a automobile, it can’t be programmed as a legitimate key to be used on every other automobile.

Remote Keyless Entry Transmitter

The Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) system transmitter is provided with three buttons, labeled Lock, Unlock, and Panic. The working vary of the transmitter radio sign is as much as 30 ft from the receiver. Each transmitter has a unique automobile entry code, which have to be programmed into the reminiscence of the receiver within the automobile with the intention to function the system. Two transmitters are supplied with the automobile, however the receiver can retailer the entry codes of as much as 4 transmitters.

Transmitters for autos geared up with the elective Memory System are color-coded and have a quantity “1” or “2” molded into the case to coincide with the “Driver 1 (Black)” and “Driver 2 (Gray)” buttons of the reminiscence change on the motive force aspect entrance door. These transmitters should even have their entry codes programmed into the receiver in order that they coincide with their matching buttons.


Programming the RKE transmitter entry codes requires using a DRBIII® scan device, so should you want ro change one or desire a spare you’ll want to go to your native supplier to have this achieved.

Battery alternative:

To change the RKE transmitter batteries, use a skinny coin to softly pry on the notch within the heart seam of the transmitter case halves close to the important thing ring till they pop aside. Replace each batteries with Panasonic mannequin CR2016 (or equal). Be sure after all that the batteries are put in with their polarity appropriately oriented.

NOTE: The RKE system makes use of rolling code safety. This requires that synchronization be maintained between the transmitter and the receiver. Transmitter battery elimination or alternative could cause a lack of sync. If the receiver fails to answer the transmitter after battery elimination or alternative, depress and launch the RKE transmitter Unlock button repeatedly whereas listening rigorously for the facility door locks within the automobile to cycle. After between 5 and eight presses of the Unlock button, the facility door locks ought to cycle, indicating that re-synchronization has occurred.

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