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Most of the time, you may get by with buying a CB antenna mount that has the coax and radio connector already hooked up to it.  Every every now and then, you possibly can’t get the coax connector via a decent spot so you might be compelled to chop the connector off after which set up a brand new one.  Sometimes, the coax is broken and you’ll salvage it however it could require a brand new connector set up earlier than it’s usable.  Regardless of the explanation, you possibly can set up a brand new RF connector if in case you have some primary soldering abilities.  There are most likely a lot better write-ups on the internet that cowl this activity, however I’ll embody a brief how-to right here to go together with the opposite CB associated matters.  Here are some pics I snapped whereas putting in an RF connector for a pal’s ham radio radio on his TJ. 

The above coaxial cable is kind RG-58/U, a quite common 50 ohm cable used for cell antenna set up.  The connector being put in is named a PL-259.  The connector was initially made for a bigger diameter coax.  In order for it to suit the smaller RG-58/U coax, we use a reducer inside the connector physique.  The will likely be threaded into the physique of the connector as soon as we get another issues taken care of.

First, CAREFULLY reduce the outer black masking of the cable (across the diameter of the cable) and slide it off the cable.  I say rigorously since you do NOT wish to reduce the finely stranded wire braid that lies immediately below the cable’s outer masking.  A pointy knife will work for this and I reduce off about 1 1/2″ of the outer masking.  Once the masking is eliminated, Trim again the wire braid to a couple of size of 1/2″, as proven within the above image.  I exploit a small diagonal cutter to trim the braid again.

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Slide the reducer ahead till it’s simply even with the sting of the outer masking.  Carefully fold the wire braid again onto the reducer.  It is vital that you simply get the entire wire braid folded again.  If you permit only one strand sticking ahead, it would most probably find yourself touching the middle conductor wire if you meeting the connector and trigger a brief (which suggests you get to begin throughout).  The wire braid ought to nearly (however not fairly) contact the threads on the reducer, as proven within the above image.  Using the identical sharp knife, rigorously trim the middle conductor’s insulation (that  could be the clear stuff that the wire brad was masking up) in order that a couple of 1/16″ is protruding previous the tip of the reducer, once more, as seen within the above image.  Again, be very CAREFUL in order to not nick/reduce the middle conductor wire.  Carefully pull the piece of reduce insulation off of the middle conductor.

Take the physique of the connector and punctiliously thread it onto the reducer.  As you screw it on, you will note the tip of the reducer (coated by the wire braid) seem within the holes because it the 2 items come collectively).  The heart conductor wire ought to protrude via the entrance of the connector as proven within the above image.  Hold the cable and reducer firmly and twist solely the physique of the connector as you be part of the 2 collectively.  Once the physique is totally threaded onto the reducer, rigorously trim the middle conductor in order that it’s flush with the tip of the connector’s heart pin.  In different phrases, that piece of wire protruding will likely be reduce flush with the tip of the tube it’s going via.

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Now, solder the middle conductor to the middle pin of the connector physique.  USE ROSIN CORE SOLDER!!!!  (not acid core solder!)  The solder ought to soften and circulation easily.  Do not apply a lot warmth that you simply soften the white Teflon insulator across the heart pin.  Let the connector cool for a minute or two.  Now, solder the wire braid to the connector physique via the small holes.  There are normally 4 holes within the connector physique and it is best to solder every of those.  Again, it is best to see the solder soften and circulation easily in and across the holes.  Don’t get carried away with the warmth as you’ll soften the outer coax masking contained in the reducer.  You can have the most effective outcomes for those who use a better wattage soldering gun, about 150 watts value.  These are sizzling and large enough to rapidly soften the solder to the connector with out inflicting you to maintain the soldering iron involved so lengthy that the cable insulation begins to soften.  When completed, clear the soldered space with some isopropyl alcohol because the final step.

Soldering RF connectors is an acquired expertise.  I’ll admit that I’ve messed a number of up once I first tried it.  If you don’t reduce/knick the wires and also you don’t soften the cable with the soldering iron, your connector will hopefully come out OK.  If you get in a bind and all else fails, cease by your native CB store and see if the parents there might help you out.

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