2012 Jeep WK2 Grand Cherokee SRT8 Active Damping Suspension System

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While the SRT8 automobiles are at residence on the observe, in addition they should be snug on a day-to-day foundation. To reply this want the 2012 Charger, Challenger, 300C and Grand Cherokee SRT8s have user-selectable multi-mode methods that impacts settings corresponding to damping charges and shift factors.

The SRT8 suspension is a part of an Active Damping System (ADS). The ADS contains distinctive shock absorbers, an Active Damping Control Module (ADCM), and three accelerometers that work collectively to change the trip of the suspension over various street circumstances. There are three lively damping sensors. The entrance sensors are situated in every entrance wheel effectively subsequent to the brake line junction. The rear sensor is mounted in the correct rear wheel effectively on the shock tower. The sensors are 3 wire, 5V reference sensors wired on to the Active Damping Control Module.

The Active Damping System shock meeting is just like a standard coil over shock with the addition of a shock solenoid meeting mounted on the facet of its physique with a 3 wire harness connector connected to it. The ADS shock meeting is serviced the identical as a standard shock absorber, with the addition of disconnecting the ADS harness connector from behind the splash defend.

The SRT entrance suspension is just like the usual entrance suspension however some parts have been modified for distinctive trip, dealing with, and steering efficiency. Service of all entrance suspension parts stay the identical as the usual parts. The entrance knuckle for the SRT is totally different from the usual knuckle. Although related in look, the knuckle has been modified to simply accept the bigger tire and wheel meeting. Also, the mounting bosses for the disc brake caliper have been moved downward to permit for mounting of the Brembo disc brake caliper.

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The entrance stabilizer bar diameter has been elevated for the SRT. It is serviced in the identical method as the usual bar.

The ADS shock assemblies are just like standard shock absorbers with the addition of a shock solenoid meeting and the related wiring mounted to the shock absorber physique. Please observe that as a result of the shock absorber is a monotube design, you will need to by no means help the shock by its tubular housing.

While some ADS parts look just like normal parts, you will need to keep in mind that these elements shouldn’t be interchanged.


ADS modes

The non-Jeep SRT8 fashions have two modes – AUTO and SPORT. AUTO mode offers normal settings and is latching at key OFF and re-start. SPORT mode adjustments suspension settings from regular to agency and can be latching at key OFF and re-start.

These modes are chosen by way of a radio interface on the 300 and Charger SRT8 automobiles, a center-stack mounted button on Challenger SRT8s, or a center-console-mounted dial on Grand Cherokee SRT8s.

The Grand Cherokee SRT8 has person selectable settings which can be chosen by way of a five-position dial. The settings are AUTO, TOW, SNOW, SPORT, and TRACK.

AUTO is the default key ON mode and is geared to offer for economic system. In TOW mode the suspension stays in AUTO mode whereas the engine efficiency is optimized to offer most torque.

When SNOW is chosen, the suspension stays in AUTO as effectively, however the transmission will begin in 2nd gear and the digital restricted slip differential (ELSD) is optimized for low-traction conditions.

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SPORT mode companies the suspension up whereas the transmission and ELSD each swap to extra aggressive settings.

Selecting TRACK mode causes the suspension to alter to full agency whereas the transmission and ELSD each swap to extra aggressive settings as effectively.

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